Bruck in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bruck
Joseph Bruck
Frederick Bruck
Charles Bruck
William Bruck
Arthur Bruck
Philip Bruck
Max Bruck
Martez Bruck
Henry Bruck
Emil Bruck
C. Bruck
Rudolph Bruck
Peter Bruck
Maurice Bruck
Julius Bruck
John Bruck
Guillame Bruck

Top female forenames

Emily Bruck
Charlotte Bruck
Alice Bruck
Savilla Bruck
Mary Bruck
Maggie Bruck
Lavina Bruck
Kate Bruck
Hannah Bruck
Clara Bruck
Amanda Bruck
Susanna Bruck
Sarah Bruck
Martha Bruck
Lousia Bruck
Katherine Bruck
Henritta Bruck

Top occupations

Commercial Traveller
Traveller Drapery
Clerk In Importing Business
Wholesale Draper
Violin Player (Musician)
Post Office Boy Telegraph
Merchant Branch N K
Governes (Sch)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Director Of Philarmonic Socy Theatre Serv
Cornet Player (Musician)
Cook (D & S)
Yarn & Stuff Merchant Clerk