Brumwell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brumwell
William Brumwell
Thomas Brumwell
George Brumwell
Charles Brumwell
James Brumwell
Richard Brumwell
Alfred Brumwell
Walter Brumwell
Edward Brumwell
Joseph Brumwell
Preston Brumwell
Henry Brumwell
Arthur Brumwell
Albert Brumwell
J.Jackson Brumwell
Tom Brumwell
Herbert Brumwell
Robert Brumwell
Frederick Brumwell
Ernest Brumwell
Marcus Brumwell
Edmund Brumwell
Jonathon Brumwell
Bernard Brumwell
Job Brumwell
Wm. Brumwell
Jacob Brumwell
Hy. Brumwell
Thos.Graham Brumwell
Thoimas Brumwell
G.T. Brumwell
Frederic Brumwell
Martin Brumwell

Top female forenames

Mary Brumwell
Jane Brumwell
Elizabeth Brumwell
Sarah Brumwell
Hannah Brumwell
Emily Brumwell
Margaret Brumwell
Alice Brumwell
Frances Brumwell
Eliza Brumwell
Annie Brumwell
Maria Brumwell
Isabella Brumwell
Clara Brumwell
Florence Brumwell
Annah Brumwell
Martha Brumwell
Harriet Brumwell
Anne Brumwell
Minnie Brumwell
Fanny Brumwell
Amelia Brumwell
Ethel Brumwell
Agnes Brumwell
A.M. Brumwell
Judith Brumwell
Wm. Brumwell
Helen Brumwell
Catherine Brumwell
Rebekah Brumwell
Nancy Brumwell
Maud Brumwell
Eve Brumwell
Esther Brumwell
Ada Brumwell
Margret Brumwell
Elsie Brumwell
Lillian Brumwell
Elizabet Brumwell
Elisabeth Brumwell
Hilda Brumwell
Charlotte Brumwell
Bessie Brumwell
Rachel Brumwell

Top occupations

Lead Miner
Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Lace Maker
Lead Miners Wife
Farmers Son
General Medicine Pracktishioner M.B. M.C. Univ Edin
House And Dividends
Grocers Assistant
Grocer (Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy)
Gnrl Labourer
Farmer Of 23 Acres
Farmer Of 58 Acres Of Land
Genl Lab
Footman Domestic Serv
General Servt Domestic
Gen Labourer
Gen Serv
General Servant (Dom)
General Servant
Dairy Maid
Farm Bailif
Employed On The Farm
Chemist Druggist & Dentist
Chemical Labourer (Mf)
Cashier & Book Keeper
Cartmans Wife
Wife Of Wesleyan Minister
Bricklayers Lab
Braun ...Adder
Chemists Apprentice
Commercial Traveller
Drapers Widow
Drapers Clerk
Domestic Serv
Domestic (Ser)
Doctor Of Medicon Physican And Surgon
Day Labourer