Brunger in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brunger
John Brunger
Charles Brunger
George Brunger
James Brunger
Alfred Brunger
Frederick Brunger
Stephen Brunger
Thomas Brunger
Albert Brunger
Horace Brunger
Geo. Brunger
Robert Brunger
Percy Brunger
Ernest Brunger
Marshall Brunger
Edward Brunger
Walter Brunger
Joseph Brunger
Augustus Brunger
Anthony Brunger
Tom Brunger
Harry Brunger
Aaron Brunger
Fred Brunger
Earnest Brunger
Jeremiah Brunger
Willm. Brunger
Infant Brunger
Arthur Brunger
Herbert Brunger
Alma Brunger
Seamon Brunger
Richard Brunger
Frank Brunger
Oliver Brunger
Edwin Brunger
Edgar Brunger
Jesse Brunger
Daniel Brunger

Top female forenames

Mary Brunger
Elizabeth Brunger
Alice Brunger
Annie Brunger
Emily Brunger
Eliza Brunger
Sarah Brunger
Edith Brunger
Fanny Brunger
Ellen Brunger
Jane Brunger
Mercy Brunger
Louisa Brunger
Frances Brunger
Esther Brunger
Rose Brunger
Bertha Brunger
Pheobe Brunger
Harrtel Brunger
Anne Brunger
Nellie Brunger
Grace Brunger
Flossy Brunger
Maria Brunger
Lucy Brunger
Emma Brunger
Sophia Brunger
Laura Brunger
Ruth Brunger
Jemima Brunger
Clara Brunger
Rachael Brunger
Hetty Brunger
Olive Brunger
Harriet Brunger
Ann Brunger
Minnie Brunger
Florence Brunger
Margaret Brunger
Louise Brunger
Linia Brunger
Kate Brunger

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Laborer In Iron Foundry
Farm Laborer
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Labr
Pauper Labourer
Laborer On Farm
Laborer At Artificial Stone Works (Mcht)
Lab At Artificial Stone Work
Kitchenmaid Domestic Servant
Iron Turner S E Ry (Engine)
Lad At A Paper Mill
Lodging House
No Occupation
Porter Of St Augustine College (School Service)
Matron (Oso)
Market Gardener
Mariners Wife
Private R H A
Hurdle Gatemaker & Thatcher
Domestic Serv (General)
Cheesemongers Shopman
Chalk Miner
Carpenter Apprentice
Carpenter & Beer Retailer
Agri Laborer
Engine Driver
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Goods Porter
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Dealer
Gen Servt
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 57 Acres Employing 2 Labs & 1 Boy