Bryans in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bryans
William Bryans
Edward Bryans
Joseph Bryans
Thomas Bryans
Robert Bryans
Wootton Bryans
George Bryans
James Bryans
Willm. Bryans
Hughbert Bryans
Henry Bryans
Reginald Bryans
Josh. Bryans
Alfred Bryans
Richard Bryans
Ernest Bryans
Lewis Bryans
Daniel Bryans
Arthur Bryans
Abel Bryans
W. Bryans
Geo. Bryans
Fred.W. Bryans
Francis Bryans
Patrick Bryans
Elizebeth Bryans
Earnest Bryans
Chas. Bryans
J.W. Bryans
Hugh Bryans
Tom Bryans
Samuel Bryans
Frederick Bryans
Fred Bryans
Ralph Bryans

Top female forenames

Mary Bryans
Jane Bryans
Sarah Bryans
Alice Bryans
Margaret Bryans
Charlotte Bryans
Caroline Bryans
Ellen Bryans
Elizabeth Bryans
Lucy Bryans
Janetta Bryans
Annie Bryans
Helen Bryans
Anna Bryans
Sophia Bryans
Francis Bryans
Rebecca Bryans
Esther Bryans
Margt Bryans
Edith Bryans
Margarett Bryans
Dorothy Bryans
Mabel Bryans
Catherine Bryans
Katherine Bryans
Bessie Bryans
Anne Bryans
Harriet Bryans
Ann Bryans
Frances Bryans
Prudence Bryans
Emma Bryans
Maria Bryans
Margrat Bryans
E. Bryans

Top occupations

Agric Laborer
Domestic Servant
Cotton F W K
Earthenware Dealer
Police Constable
Carpenter Wife
Iron Miner
J P No Profession Or Occupation (Other Local)
J P Wife Of H Of Family
House Painter
Goods Agent (Rly)
Letter Carrier
Railway Clerk
Proprietors Son (Adopted)
Private Army Service Corps
Priest Church Of England
Porter Station (Rail)
Parsons Wife
Military Officer (Retd)
Machinist (Seam)
Machine Ruler
General Labourer
Fund Holder
Clerk In Holy Orders Without Care Of Souls
Clergyman Without Care Of Soul
Clergyman & School Master M.A. Oxford
Brickmakers Wife
Boot Machinist
Boarder At School
Vicar Of Tarvin
Clerk To Conveyancer (Law)
Clipper & Scalloper (Lace)
Constables Wife
Errand Boy
Engineer (E & M Maker)
Daur Of H Of Family
Draftsman App. (E.M.)
Domestic Svt Waitress
Domestic Servt