Bryer in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Bryer
William Bryer
John Bryer
Frederick Bryer
James Bryer
Joseph Bryer
Charles Bryer
Henry Bryer
Arthur Bryer
Thomas Bryer
Robert Bryer
Alfred Bryer
Harry Bryer
Walter Bryer
Herbert Bryer
Samuel Bryer
Albert Bryer
Clement Bryer
Edwin Bryer
Thos. Bryer
Richard Bryer
Edward Bryer
Percy Bryer
Owen Bryer
Dudley Bryer
Cornelias Bryer
Stephen Bryer
Claude Bryer
Ceecil Bryer
Augustine Bryer
Peter Bryer
Anthony Bryer
Patrick Bryer
Frank Bryer
Wm. Bryer
Newman Bryer
Ernest Bryer
Martin Bryer
Thos.J. Bryer
David Bryer
Hugh Bryer
Sidney Bryer
Gustavus Bryer
Benjamin Bryer
Phillippe Bryer
Geoffrey Bryer
Frederic Bryer
Wm.C. Bryer
Francis Bryer
Willie Bryer

Top female forenames

Mary Bryer
Elizabeth Bryer
Jane Bryer
Ann Bryer
Emily Bryer
Ellen Bryer
Florence Bryer
Amelia Bryer
Eliza Bryer
Harriett Bryer
Sarah Bryer
Martha Bryer
Alice Bryer
Rose Bryer
Louisa Bryer
Kate Bryer
Edith Bryer
Frances Bryer
Catherine Bryer
Emma Bryer
Nancy Bryer
Annie Bryer
Susannah Bryer
Caroline Bryer
Lousia Bryer
Nellie Bryer
Jessie Bryer
Elizth. Bryer
Henrietta Bryer
Sophia Bryer
Maria Bryer
Amy Bryer
Harriet Bryer
Margaret Bryer
Adelaide Bryer
Blanche Bryer
Lilian Bryer
Betsy Bryer
Elsie Bryer
Maud Bryer
Ballie Bryer
Jenny Bryer
Elizth.B. Bryer
Marie Bryer
Margret Bryer
Hannah Bryer
Rosetta Bryer
Constance Bryer
Marey Bryer
Agnes Bryer

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Son Of Greengrocer Carman
Dau Of Greengrocer Carman
Cotton Weaver
Farm Laborer
Lodging House Keeper
Domestic Servant
Genl Labourer
Farm Labourer
Game Keeper
Gas Stoker
Ag Laborer
Gen Labourer
Carpenter Joiner
Cap Maker (Hatter)
Cotton Doffer
Cotton Mule Piecer
Cotton Printer
(Watch Maker)
Dairymaid (Ag)
Carpenters Wife
Daughter Of Stewardess At Sea
Baker Emplg 1 Man 1 Boy
Bookkeeper Gas Works
Engineers Apprentice
Wine & Beer House Keeper
Ag Lab Daur
Carpenter Wife
Bailiff Dorchr Co Gt Auctioneers Agric
Carver & Gilder
Coachman (Dom)
Coal Haulier
Cab Proprietor
Attendant H S
Assistant Pawnbroker
Carpenter & Joiner