Budding in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Budding
John Budding
George Budding
Thomas Budding
Charles Budding
Edwin Budding
Henry Budding
James Budding
Frederick Budding
Dennis Budding
Richard Budding
Brice Budding
Hy. Budding
Amos Budding
Albert Budding
Fredrick Budding
Francis Budding
W.J. Budding
Edward Budding
Robart Budding
Clement Budding
Oswald Budding
Bruce Budding
Benjamin Budding
Herbert Budding
Alfred Budding
Henery Budding
Geo. Budding
Wm. Budding
Willace Budding

Top female forenames

Mary Budding
Sarah Budding
Elizabeth Budding
Annie Budding
Ann Budding
Jane Budding
Fanny Budding
Emily Budding
Emma Budding
Rachel Budding
Eliza Budding
Caroline Budding
Alice Budding
Maria Budding
Hannah Budding
Catherine Budding
Elizth. Budding
Margaret Budding
Anne Budding
Ellen Budding
Eliz. Budding
Dessemer Budding
Gertrude Budding
Frances Budding
Selina Budding
Ada Budding
Marrian Budding
Jessie Budding
Eada Budding
Harriot Budding
Charlotte Budding
H.J. Budding
Gerlando Budding
Susan Budding
Florence Budding
Kate Budding

Top occupations

Stick Varnisher
Iron Moulder
Ag Lab
Engineer & M
Formerly Restraunt Keeper
Fitter Engine
Engineer & Draughtsman
Engineers Draughtsman (E & M)
Engineers Clerk
Engineer & Farmer Of 20 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Engineer Wife
General Labourer
Genl Lab
Lance Sargent Royal Marines Soldier Recruit
Labourer Wife
Labourer At Quarry
Iron Worker
Housekeeper Domestic
House Keeper
House & Estate Agent
Engine Fitter (At Works)
Engine Drivers Wife
Engine Driver To Cultivator (Ag Mach Attendt)
Book Keeper
Woollen Cloth Worker
Basket Maker
Assistant in School
Apprentice Coppersmith
Clerk In Loan Office
Coachman Domestic Servant
Engine Driver Stationery
Engine Driver At Axle Works
Eng Fitter & Turner
Draper And Tailor
Domestic Servant
Dom Serv
Dom Sert
Cook Domestic
Contractor (Railway)