Buddle in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Buddle
John Buddle
James Buddle
Thomas Buddle
George Buddle
Henry Buddle
Charles Buddle
Robert Buddle
Richard Buddle
Edward Buddle
Alfred Buddle
Mark Buddle
Stephen Buddle
Peter Buddle
Matthew Buddle
Frederick Buddle
Leonard Buddle
Joseph Buddle
Edwin Buddle
Jno. Buddle
Ed. Buddle
Samuel Buddle
Augustine Buddle
Rich Buddle
Harry Buddle
Mattw. Buddle
Geoe. Buddle
Albert Buddle
Frederic Buddle
Wm. Buddle
Josh. Buddle
Elijah Buddle
Thos. Buddle
Jas.M. Buddle
David Buddle
Hezekiah Buddle
Bertie Buddle
Rich. Buddle
Arthur Buddle
Alexander Buddle
Wm.S. Buddle
Frank Buddle
Willm. Buddle
Walter Buddle
Jas. Buddle
Christopher Buddle
Jackson Buddle
Bertrim Buddle
Herbert Buddle

Top female forenames

Mary Buddle
Sarah Buddle
Elizabeth Buddle
Emma Buddle
Jane Buddle
Frances Buddle
Ellen Buddle
Margaret Buddle
Annie Buddle
Ann Buddle
Emily Buddle
Susan Buddle
Martha Buddle
Eliza Buddle
Hannah Buddle
Caroline Buddle
Amelia Buddle
Ada Buddle
Susannah Buddle
Clara Buddle
Catherine Buddle
Florence Buddle
Anne Buddle
Isabella Buddle
Minnie Buddle
Agnes Buddle
Isaac Buddle
Elizth. Buddle
Helen Buddle
M. Buddle
Louisa Buddle
Gertrude Buddle
Selina Buddle
Lilly Buddle
S. Buddle
Barbary Buddle
Lilian Buddle
Rose Buddle
Jermima Buddle
Fanny Buddle
Rachel Buddle
Amy Buddle
Naomi Buddle
Alice Buddle
Isabell Buddle
Addelaid Buddle
Henrietta Buddle
Sussanah Buddle
Harriet Buddle
Susanna Buddle

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Tin Miner
Coal Miner
Agricultural Laborer
General Servant
Agricultural Laborer Wife
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy
Copper Miner
Domestic Servant
Domestic Ser
Locomotive Fireman (Ryway)
Cabinet Maker
General Serv Domestic
General Serv
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Genl Serv Domestic
Farm Servant
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son Wife
Farm Laborer
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 170 Acres
Farm servant outdoor
Farm Bailiff
Employed In Housework
Coal Mine Lab
Assistant Fruiterers Shop
Assisting Household Work
Blacksmith Apprence
Blacksmith Master Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Block & Mast Maker
Carpenter Joiner
Charwoman (Pauper)
Agricultural Laborer (Pauper)
Coml Clerk (Varnish Color)
Cook Domestic Servant