Buffham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Buffham
William Buffham
Thomas Buffham
George Buffham
Robert Buffham
Charles Buffham
Henry Buffham
Jacob Buffham
Reuben Buffham
Joseph Buffham
Alfred Buffham
James Buffham
Fred Buffham
Seth Buffham
Richard Buffham
Ernest Buffham
Austin Buffham
Wallis Buffham
Francis Buffham
Edward Buffham
Bennett Buffham
Obadiah Buffham
Arthur Buffham
Harry Buffham
Geo. Buffham
Frank Buffham

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Buffham
Mary Buffham
Alice Buffham
Ann Buffham
Jane Buffham
Sarah Buffham
Hannah Buffham
Annie Buffham
Louisa Buffham
Rebecca Buffham
Emma Buffham
Maria Buffham
Susan Buffham
Beartrice Buffham
Myntheria Buffham
Fanny Buffham
Emily Buffham
Agnes Buffham
Mabel Buffham
Elizth. Buffham
Ada Buffham
Eliza Buffham
Laura Buffham
Eleanor Buffham
Susannah Buffham
Daisy Buffham
Infant Buffham
Charlotte Buffham
Bessie Buffham
Naomi Buffham
Florance Buffham
Maud Buffham
Ellen Buffham
Adeliza Buffham
Lucy Buffham
Lilian Buffham
Eliz. Buffham
Kate Buffham
Damarew Buffham
Isabella Buffham
Clara Buffham
Rose Buffham
Harriett Buffham
Caroline Buffham
Rachel Buffham
Florence Buffham

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Ag Labs Wife
Servant Out Of Place
Spinner In Worsted Mill
Labourer (Farm)
Agr Lab
Farmer Of 130 Acres
Farmer (8 Acres)
Farmer 20 Acres Employ One Man
Hospital Clerk
Gunner R A
Farmer Of 12 Acres
General Labourer
General Servant
Housekeeper (Ag Lab)
Labourer (Ag)
House Keeper
Journeyman Miller (Artz)
Innkeeper And Labourer
Innkeeper & Farmer (Of 12 Acres)
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Housemaid (Domestic Serv)
Farm Laborer
Berlin Wool Shop
Apprentice (Undef)
An Infant
Agricultural Wife
Agricultural Labourer
Yeoman Landed Register
Ag Labourer
Coal Porter (Lab)
Farm Bailiff
Drawer In Worsted Mill
Draughtsman (Artizan)
County Court High Bailiff
Corvelsh Cementer
Commercial Clerk (Unemployed)