Bumby in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bumby
William Bumby
Thomas Bumby
George Bumby
James Bumby
Joseph Bumby
Walter Bumby
Robert Bumby
Frank Bumby
Frederick Bumby
Wm. Bumby
Tom Bumby
Alfred Bumby
Noah Bumby
Fred Bumby
Josiah Bumby
Thos. Bumby
Sam Bumby
Hezekiah Bumby
Charles Bumby
Harry Bumby
Aron Bumby
Richard Bumby
Nathan Bumby
Leonard Bumby
Joshua Bumby
F.A. Bumby
Jonas Bumby
Edwin Bumby
Christopher Bumby
Horace Bumby
Chas. Bumby
Robt. Bumby
Henry Bumby
Arthur Bumby
Richd. Bumby
H.T. Bumby
Geo. Bumby
Lister Bumby
Wm.Henry Bumby
Francis Bumby
Willie Bumby
Ernest Bumby
Cuthbert Bumby
Isaac Bumby
Chas.James Bumby

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bumby
Mary Bumby
Hannah Bumby
Ann Bumby
Annie Bumby
Emma Bumby
Jane Bumby
Sarah Bumby
Emily Bumby
Catherine Bumby
Edith Bumby
Isabella Bumby
Harriet Bumby
Margaret Bumby
Ellen Bumby
Alice Bumby
Eleanor Bumby
Harriett Bumby
Clara Bumby
Martha Bumby
Anne Bumby
Amy Bumby
Lucy Bumby
Agnes Bumby
Kate Bumby
Selina Bumby
Deborah Bumby
Ruth Bumby
Cissy Bumby
Nanny Bumby
Gertrude Bumby
Maude Bumby
Florence Bumby
Caroline Bumby
Fanny Bumby
Maria Bumby
Lily Bumby
Sophia Bumby
Adelaide Bumby
Dora Bumby
Rosetta Bumby
Christiana Bumby
Minnie Bumby
Frances Bumby
Carrie Bumby
Matilda Bumby
Florance Bumby
Bertha Bumby
Esther Bumby
Margt. Bumby

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Agricultural Laborer
Cotton Weaver
Farm Labourer
Clog And Shoe Maker
Housekeeper (Dom)
Farmers Daur
Labourer Print Works
Piecer In Cotton Mill
Farm Labourer Wife
Farm Labourers Wife
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Laborer
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labourers Daur
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Farmer Daughter
Farmer Of 100 Acres Em 1 Serv
Farmer Of 130 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 167 Acres
Farmer Of 40 Acres Employing One Labourer
Dress Maker
Assistant (Inn Keeper)
Boiler Maker
Brick Maker
Bricklayers Labourer
Brush Maker
Builders Clerk
Woollen Draper
Carriers Wife
Chief Officer Of Station (R N)
Cotton Calico Weaver
Cotton Dresser (MA)
Crossing Sweeper
Dress & Mantle Maker