Bumford in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bumford
William Bumford
Richard Bumford
Thomas Bumford
Edward Bumford
Joseph Bumford
Charles Bumford
George Bumford
Alfred Bumford
James Bumford
Edwin Bumford
Thos. Bumford
Samuel Bumford
Henry Bumford
Benjamin Bumford
Ernest Bumford
Hubert Bumford
Bowen Bumford
Robert Bumford
Arthur Bumford
Frank Bumford
Mark Bumford
Emmanuel Bumford
Job Bumford
Jachariah Bumford
David Bumford
Hugh Bumford
Griffith Bumford
Andrew Bumford
Phoebe Bumford
Frederick Bumford
Abraham Bumford
Misias Bumford
Luther Bumford
Emanuel Bumford
Edwd. Bumford
Ebenezer Bumford
Wilford Bumford
Jacharia Bumford
Daniel Bumford
Harry Bumford
Rendel Bumford
Owen Bumford

Top female forenames

Mary Bumford
Sarah Bumford
Elizabeth Bumford
Jane Bumford
Ann Bumford
Annie Bumford
Catherine Bumford
Anne Bumford
Eliza Bumford
Edith Bumford
Clara Bumford
Caroline Bumford
Emma Bumford
Agnes Bumford
Margaret Bumford
Martha Bumford
Hannah Bumford
Louisa Bumford
Amy Bumford
Emily Bumford
Alice Bumford
Lucy Bumford
Trefeaner Bumford
Lord Bumford
Hetty Bumford
Rosanna Bumford
Priscilla Bumford
Fanny Bumford
Naomi Bumford
Amelia Bumford
May Bumford
Ellen Bumford
Elen Bumford
Dinah Bumford
Sophia Bumford
Rose Bumford
Harriet Bumford
Bertha Bumford
Rachel Bumford
Florence Bumford
Penelope Bumford
Eve Bumford
Nancy Bumford
Matilda Bumford
Elizth. Bumford

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Iron Worker
Ag Lab
News Vendor
Wire Worker
Farm Labourers Wife
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farmer Wife
Puddler In Ironworks
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Labourer
Lead Miner
Brush Maker
Forge & Mill (Wright) Manager
Gasworks Labourer
Gen Lab
Furnace Blower MU
French Polisher
Woollen Weaver (Wcm)
Farmer Of 85 Acres Of Land
Forgeman Pudler Ironworks
Field Labourer
Gardener (D)
Domestic Servant
Caster (Brass)
Casters Wife
Corn Miller
Dairymaid (Ag Lab)
Domestic Serv Genl
Domestic Serv Out Of Employ
At Home
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Servt Cook
Dress Maker
Eng Fitter Iron Works