Bunbury in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Bunbury
John Bunbury
Henry Bunbury
George Bunbury
William Bunbury
Patrick Bunbury
Alfred Bunbury
Arthur Bunbury
Walter Bunbury
Benjamin Bunbury
Joseph Bunbury
Herbert Bunbury
Hamilton Bunbury
Frederick Bunbury
Waler Bunbury
Edward Bunbury
Thos.H. Bunbury
Shirley Bunbury
C. Bunbury
Philip Bunbury
Mervyn Bunbury
Edwin Bunbury
Vezey Bunbury
Douglas Bunbury
T.C. Bunbury
Cecil Bunbury
Richard Bunbury

Top female forenames

Mary Bunbury
Sarah Bunbury
Eliza Bunbury
Elizabeth Bunbury
Ellen Bunbury
Margaret Bunbury
Annie Bunbury
Kate Bunbury
Ann Bunbury
Irene Bunbury
Georgina Bunbury
Selina Bunbury
Delphine Bunbury
Clara Bunbury
Bridget Bunbury
Louisa Bunbury
Anna Bunbury
Julia Bunbury
Harriet Bunbury
Emily Bunbury
Dorothea Bunbury
Clare Bunbury
Margarett Bunbury
Cecelia Bunbury
Lucy Bunbury

Top occupations

Woollen Mill Hand
Frame Wk Knitter
Dress Maker
Deputy Registrar Land Tax Somerset House
Manager Public House
Nurse Domestic Serv.
Officers Wife
Railway Shares
Retired Cavalry Officer (Captain)
Articled Clerk
Surv. Taxes Inland Revenue (C L O)
Surveyer Builder
Apprentice To Dressmaker
Towel Manufacturer
Vicar Of Christchurch Gt Warley
Major Bengal Staff
Lut Royal Artillery Captain In The Army
Lieut H M 9th Foot
Domestic Servant
Captain 94th Regiment
Fund Holder
Gen Labourer
Barrister Not Practising
Income From Land And Property
Interest Of Shares
J P For Berks Landed Proprietor
Lady Boarder
Law Student
Late Barrister (No Occ)