Bunday in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Bunday
William Bunday
Thomas Bunday
James Bunday
Henry Bunday
John Bunday
Albert Bunday
Frank Bunday
Charles Bunday
Richard Bunday
Frederick Bunday
Joseph Bunday
Edward Bunday
Geo. Bunday
Joe Bunday
Stephen Bunday
Alfred Bunday
Reuben Bunday
Francis Bunday
David Bunday
Arthur Bunday
Percy Bunday
Lot Bunday
Willm. Bunday
Ebenezer Bunday
Wilfred Bunday
Jas. Bunday
Tom Bunday
Jabez Bunday
Benjamin Bunday
Hery Bunday
Robert Bunday
Abraham Bunday
Fredrick Bunday
Mark Bunday
Fred. Bunday
Josiah Bunday
Edgar Bunday
Jim Bunday
Walter Bunday
Cecil Bunday
Hubert Bunday
Samuel Bunday

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bunday
Mary Bunday
Sarah Bunday
Emma Bunday
Jane Bunday
Ellen Bunday
Charlotte Bunday
Matilda Bunday
Alice Bunday
Eliza Bunday
Ann Bunday
Mabel Bunday
Hannah Bunday
Emily Bunday
Louisa Bunday
Annie Bunday
Amy Bunday
Lucy Bunday
Isabella Bunday
Caroline Bunday
Esther Bunday
Sarrah Bunday
Rosina Bunday
Kate Bunday
Edith Bunday
Phoebe Bunday
Daisy Bunday
Olive Bunday
Hester Bunday
Harriet Bunday
Martha Bunday
Florence Bunday
Marian Bunday
Fanny Bunday
Mahala Bunday
Tifjora Bunday
Lilly Bunday
Rose Bunday
Judith Bunday
Dinah Bunday
Pamela Bunday
Christaline Bunday
Mercy Bunday
Harriett Bunday
Marion Bunday
Flora Bunday
Amelia Bunday
Maria Bunday

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
General Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Gen Lab
Domestic Servant
Gneral Dom Serv (Hotel) (Boots)
Genl Laborer
B 2 Cl
Carter Boy
Brick Maker
General Laborer
Formerly School Mistress
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housemaid Dom
Actg Eng Room Art Lent To Excellent
Housemaid Unemployed
Iron Pipe Layer (Gas Serv)
Joiners Apprentice
Kitchen Maid
Formerly House Keeper
Working Housekeeper (Dom)
Carpenter & Dead ...
Coach Smith
Coal Agent (Dlr)
Coal Heaver
Dom Servant
Domestic Cook
Domestic Serv
Brickmakers Wife
Engine Driver At Brewery
Engine Room Artificer R N
Errand Boy
Farm Carter
Farm Servant
Coal Miner