Burland in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Burland
John Burland
James Burland
George Burland
William Burland
Arthur Burland
Charles Burland
Walter Burland
Joseph Burland
Henry Burland
Frederick Burland
Richard Burland
Edward Burland
Albert Burland
Francis Burland
Joe Burland
Herbert Burland
Alfred Burland
Harry Burland
Lewis Burland
Elias Burland
Larret Burland
John. Burland
Benjamin Burland
Will. Burland
W.E. Burland
Thos. Burland
Alexander Burland
Sebastian Burland
Fredick Burland
Richd.Oseley Burland
Frank Burland
Morris Burland
Ernest Burland
Leontine Burland
Bernard Burland
B.E. Burland
Archibald Burland
Varah Burland
Alf. Burland
Sam Burland

Top female forenames

Mary Burland
Elizabeth Burland
Sarah Burland
Annie Burland
Emily Burland
Florence Burland
Eliza Burland
Hannah Burland
Maria Burland
Margaret Burland
Ellen Burland
Ann Burland
Frances Burland
Amelia Burland
Agnes Burland
Rose Burland
Caroline Burland
Jane Burland
Alice Burland
Lucy Burland
Catherine Burland
Fanny Burland
Bertha Burland
Jane. Burland
Anne Burland
Edith Burland
Charlotte Burland
Jessie Burland
Emma Burland
Elizth. Burland
Ada Burland
Mabel Burland
Gupual Burland
Susannah Burland
Clara Burland
Lavinia Burland
Priscilla Burland
Kate Burland
Esther Burland
Matilda Burland
Martha Burland
Hilda Burland
Elizth.Ann Burland
Helen Burland
Harriet Burland
Mable Burland
Constance Burland
Lydia Burland
Gertrude Burland
Selina Burland

Top occupations

Coal Miner
No Occupation
Iron Moulder
Professor Of Music
Dress Maker
Lab Wife
Cab Driver
Formerly Scholar
Ag Lab
Gen Serv Dom
Errand Boy
Farmers Wife
Dock Laborer
Farmer 3 Acres
Domestic General Serv
Drainer Ag
Drapers Assistant
Farm Lab
Export Merchant
Engineer & M
Engine Stoker
Engine Fitter
Dressmakers Assistant
Apprentice Iron
Assistant Traveller
Beer Retailer
Blacksmith (Retired)
Bonnet Shapes Manufacturer
Bookeeper General (Comm Clk)
Cashier Book Clerk At Corn Mill
Cert Teacher Pub Elim Sch
Coachman Lab
Coal Merchant
Colliery Engine Worker Driver
Colliery Labourer
Commercial Traveller