Burnie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Burnie
William Burnie
James Burnie
Henry Burnie
John Burnie
Alexander Burnie
Thomas Burnie
Francis Burnie
Dickson Burnie
Arthur Burnie
Wm. Burnie
Roland Burnie
Philip Burnie
David Burnie
Alfred Burnie
Theophilus Burnie

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Burnie
Mary Burnie
Margaret Burnie
Agnes Burnie
Annie Burnie
Emma Burnie
Jessie Burnie
Helen Burnie
Dorothea Burnie
Martha Burnie
Clara Burnie
Mabel Burnie
Isabella Burnie
Georgeanna Burnie
Elizth. Burnie
Eliza Burnie
Sarah Burnie
Dorothy Burnie
Deborah Burnie
Caroline Burnie
Ann Burnie
Frances Burnie
Emily Burnie
Susan Burnie
Drusilla Burnie
Olive Burnie

Top occupations

Indian Dividends
Income From Dividends
Iron Miner
General Servant
Operative Cotton
Servant (Dom)
Stone Mason
Iron Moulder
Living By Family
Lodging House Keeper
Managing Director Swansea Wagon Works And Counsiller Of The Booard of Swansea
Stoker Dye Works
Postal Letter Carrier (C S)
Retired Gardener
Retired Grocer
Sail Maker
(Printer) Ticket Cutter
Income From Interest
Bookeeper Iron Works
Bricklayer Laborer
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter
Errand Boy Grocer
Game Keeper
General Labourer
General Pract.LRCPE DRCSE
General Practitioner Of Med M.D. Of Edinburg University
Surgeon Member Of The Royal Coll Of Surgeons Eng