Burniston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Burniston
John Burniston
George Burniston
Richard Burniston
Thomas Burniston
Arthur Burniston
Harry Burniston
James Burniston
Joseph Burniston
Frank Burniston
Alfred Burniston
Peter Burniston
Asa Burniston
Andrew Burniston
Isaac Burniston
Albert Burniston
Tom Burniston
Hugh Burniston
Stephen Burniston
Ralph Burniston
Geo. Burniston
Norman Burniston
Mark Burniston
Enoch Burniston
Jonathan Burniston
Charles Burniston
Jno. Burniston
Jacob Burniston
Walter Burniston
Hy.Jas. Burniston
Abriam Burniston
Henry Burniston
Fred Burniston
Matthew Burniston
Francis Burniston
Ed. Burniston

Top female forenames

Mary Burniston
Elizabeth Burniston
Ann Burniston
Sarah Burniston
Hannah Burniston
Alice Burniston
Martha Burniston
Caroline Burniston
Annie Burniston
Susannah Burniston
Rachel Burniston
Emily Burniston
Edith Burniston
Jane Burniston
Harriet Burniston
Kate Burniston
Harriett Burniston
Betsey Burniston
Anne Burniston
Florry Burniston
Matilda Burniston
Margaret Burniston
Christianna Burniston
Kathleen Burniston
Charlotta Burniston
Teresa Burniston
Susan Burniston
Gertrude Burniston
Rebecker Burniston
Florie Burniston
Ada Burniston
Olivia Burniston
Ellen Burniston
Eliza Burniston
Marth Burniston
Clara Burniston
Lucy Burniston
Charlotte Burniston
Catherine Burniston
Thomas Burniston

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Worsted Weaver
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 125 Acres 2 Men And 1 Labourer
Foreman (Wool Dyer)
Foreman Wife
Worsted Weaving Overlooker
Farmer (Formerly)
Farmers Daughter
Game Keeper (Formerly)
Income Derived From Property
Grocers Assistant
Grocer An Baliff
Formerly Tailors Wife
Genl Laborer
General Serv
Gen Serv Domestic
Farm Labourer Unemployed
Farm Labourer (Ag)
Carpenter (At Colliery)
Bricklayers Labourer
Brass Moulder
Boot Maker
Boot And Shoe Maker
Bobbin Carrier (Cotton Mill)
Blacksmiths Wife
Blacksmith Colliery (Employing 1 Man)
Commercial Traveller For Cloth Finisher
Farm Labourer
Engineer & Contractor
Cook (Dom)
Dresser In A Foundry (Iron)
Cow Man Ag
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Reeler
Corn Dealer