Burnsides in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Burnsides
Edward Burnsides
John Burnsides
Ambrose Burnsides
James Burnsides
William Burnsides
Robert Burnsides
Joseph Burnsides
Charles Burnsides
Richard Burnsides
George Burnsides
Alfred Burnsides
Mark Burnsides
Frank Burnsides
Ambros Burnsides
Alexandra Burnsides
Samual Burnsides
Levi Burnsides

Top female forenames

Mary Burnsides
Elizabeth Burnsides
Isabella Burnsides
Margaret Burnsides
Sarah Burnsides
Alice Burnsides
Bella Burnsides
Susana Burnsides
Ann Burnsides
Lilly Burnsides
Francis Burnsides
Ellener Burnsides
Betsy Burnsides
Annie Burnsides
Susan Burnsides
Nancy Burnsides
Jamima Burnsides
Hannah Burnsides
Fanny Burnsides

Top occupations

Quarry Man
Hawker Of Earthenware
Serv Hawker (Dom)
Shoe Makers Errand Boy
Tinner Grinder Umberlla Maker
Mill Boy (Worsted)
Laberer At Engine Works (E O M)
Iron Workers Labourer
Grooms Wife
Cabinet Makers Widow
Colliery Labourer
Drainer (Town)
Dress Maker
Grocer (Unemployed)
Groom (Dom)
Groom (N D)
Water Works Inspector