Burrowes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Burrowes
William Burrowes
Henry Burrowes
Thomas Burrowes
Charles Burrowes
George Burrowes
Arthur Burrowes
Frederick Burrowes
Walter Burrowes
Arnold Burrowes
Robert Burrowes
Herbert Burrowes
Samuel Burrowes
Ernest Burrowes
Joseph Burrowes
Horace Burrowes
Ambrose Burrowes
Victor Burrowes
Albert Burrowes
Septimus Burrowes
Francis Burrowes
R.S. Burrowes
Edward Burrowes
Peter Burrowes
Benjamin Burrowes
Loftus Burrowes
Authur Burrowes
Josiah Burrowes
Amos Burrowes
Algernon Burrowes
Harry Burrowes
Richard Burrowes
Phillip Burrowes
Louis Burrowes
Barrington Burrowes
Leslie Burrowes
Aubrey Burrowes

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Burrowes
Mary Burrowes
Sarah Burrowes
Alice Burrowes
Martha Burrowes
Margaret Burrowes
Jane Burrowes
Louisa Burrowes
Kate Burrowes
Eliza Burrowes
Florence Burrowes
Emma Burrowes
Charlotte Burrowes
Ann Burrowes
Kathleen Burrowes
Edith Burrowes
Annie Burrowes
Lucy Burrowes
Emily Burrowes
Isabella Burrowes
Lurza Burrowes
Fanny Burrowes
Louise Burrowes
Rose Burrowes
Agatha Burrowes
Pleasance Burrowes
Elsa Burrowes
Johanna Burrowes
Minnie Burrowes
Maude Burrowes
Honour Burrowes
Catherine Burrowes
Helena Burrowes
Beatrice Burrowes
Grace Burrowes
Mabel Burrowes
Sophia Burrowes
Fidelia Burrowes
Amy Burrowes
Rosina Burrowes
Ethel Burrowes
Agnes Burrowes
Rachel Burrowes
Nannie Burrowes
Ellen Burrowes
Jessie Burrowes
May Burrowes
Hetty Burrowes
Marian Burrowes
Caroline Burrowes

Top occupations

General Labourer
Builders App
Governess Priv
Genl Laborer
General Servt Domestic
General Servant
Gas Fitter
French Polisher
Frameworknitter Worsted
Groom (D)
Member Of Stock Exchange
Lieutenant & Adjutant R M L I
Late Domestic Servant
Ironmongers Porter
Income From Funded Property
Housemaid Serv Dom
Housemaid (Dom Servt)
Horse Keeper
Formerly Housekeeper
Floor Cloth Factory
Captn Rc Marine Arty
Button Peircer
Assistant Schoolmistress
Builder & Monumental Sculpter (Employ One Boy)
Brass Moulder
Barrister Clerk
Writer For The Press And Barister At Law
Apprentice Grocer & Draper
Carpenter & Joiner
Certified Teacher
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Housemaid
Cook Domestic