Burtoft in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Burtoft
Rupert Burtoft
Donald Burtoft
Charles Burtoft
Olonzo Burtoft
Amos Burtoft
Mark Burtoft
John Burtoft
Herbert Burtoft
Hamer Burtoft
Frederick Burtoft
Edward Burtoft
Vincent Burtoft
Dennis Burtoft
Arthur Burtoft
Matthew Burtoft
Lawder Burtoft
Job Burtoft
Henry Burtoft
Georg Burtoft
Fred Burtoft

Top female forenames

Mary Burtoft
Emma Burtoft
Clara Burtoft
Ann Burtoft
Ada Burtoft
Louisa Burtoft
Jessie Burtoft
Frances Burtoft
Eliza Burtoft
Anne Burtoft
Alice Burtoft
Miriam Burtoft
Martha Burtoft
Kate Burtoft
Jane Burtoft
Floranc Burtoft
Emily Burtoft

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Foundry Trimmer (Iron)
Foundry Trimmer Wife
Labourer Unemployed
Miner (C)
Moulder (I)
Servent (Dom)
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Brick Maker
C M Lamp Cleaner (C M)
Calico Bleacher
Card Wainer
Coal Miner's Wife
Coard Wainer
Domestic Servant
Tutor Schoolmaster