Busk in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Busk
George Busk
James Busk
Thomas Busk
Charles Busk
John Busk
Henry Busk
Frederick Busk
Stephen Busk
Arthur Busk
Alfred Busk
Edwin Busk
Vincett Busk
Andrew Busk
Peter Busk
Albert Busk
Loinel Busk
Wm. Busk
Francis Busk
Walter Busk
Edward Busk
Smith Busk
Nobee Busk
Hugh Busk
Hans Busk

Top female forenames

Mary Busk
Ann Busk
Ellen Busk
Annie Busk
Elizabeth Busk
Sarah Busk
Louisa Busk
Alice Busk
Jessie Busk
Caroline Busk
Rose Busk
Eliza Busk
Susan Busk
Jane Busk
Nellie Busk
Emily Busk
Maria Busk
Clara Busk
Ida Busk
Rachel Busk
Hannah Busk
Ada Busk
Maud Busk
Emma Busk
Martha Busk
Marian Busk
Elizth. Busk
Margaret Busk
Collorim Busk
Lilian Busk
Charlotte Busk
Ruth Busk
Rebecca Busk
Helen Busk
Fances Busk
Marion Busk
Ella Busk
Mabel Busk
Edith Busk
Lottie Busk

Top occupations

Op In Flax Mill
Agricultural Laborer
C Factory Operative
Scholar British Subject
School Master
Income From Real & Personal Property
Land Interest On Money Annuities
Ladys Maid
Lady By Birth
J P Deputy Lt For Middl & Westm Late Capr In H M Service Lld Camb & Dc 2 Oxon
No Profession
Nurse Governess
Sand Man
Rural Postman (C S Mess)
Retired Colonel Indian Army
Retired Chemist
Railway Porter
Railway Labourer
Overooker In Flax Mill
Operative In Flax Mill
Housemaid (Dom)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Domestic Servant
Colonels Wife
Coachman Domestic Servant
Clerk (Railway)
Civil Engineer
Engine Driver (Locomotive)
Excavator ((...)) (Unemployed)
Ground Labourer
General Servant
General Serv
General Labourer
General Laborer
Gen Lab
Farmer Of 104 Acres Income From Real & Personal Property
Farm Labourer