Bustard in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bustard
Thomas Bustard
John Bustard
Charles Bustard
Robert Bustard
Joseph Bustard
James Bustard
George Bustard
Richard Bustard
Henry Bustard
Andrew Bustard
Ernest Bustard
Arthur Bustard
Albert Bustard
Samuel Bustard
Francis Bustard
Tomas Bustard
Sidney Bustard

Top female forenames

Mary Bustard
Annie Bustard
Eliza Bustard
Elizabeth Bustard
Susan Bustard
Alice Bustard
Margaret Bustard
Emma Bustard
Ellen Bustard
Selina Bustard
Ann Bustard
Emily Bustard
Sarah Bustard
Edith Bustard
Rebecca Bustard
Maryann Bustard
Julia Bustard
Florence Bustard
Rosa Bustard
Charlotte Bustard
Olive Bustard
Kate Bustard
Frances Bustard
Flora Bustard

Top occupations

Pianoforte Maker
Gardener Dom
Nurseryman & Florist
Dress Maker
At Telegraph Stores (Officer)
Malt Clerk (Comm)
Kitchen Range Fitter
Gunner Royal Artillery
Wine Merchant
Oil Merchant (Dlr)
Piano Forte Maker
Police Constable
Presser Of Fancy Soaps
Private Infantry
Publishers Clerk
Schoolmaster (Assistant)
Shirt Maker
Grocers Assistant
General Servant (Ag Lab)
General Servant
Assistant At Home
Butcher Master
Butcher Wife
Card Tenter Flax Mill
Chemists Assistant
Civil Service Excise
Coachsmith (Journeyman)
Cotton Brokers Manager & Cashier
Domestic Servant
Engineer & Contractor & Brick Manufacturer
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Farm Servt (Indoor)
Gardener (Dom)
Gardeners Wife