Buston in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Buston
John Buston
Thomas Buston
James Buston
Henry Buston
Roger Buston
Joseph Buston
George Buston
Edwin Buston
Arthur Buston
Samuel Buston
Wm. Buston
Robert Buston
Albert Buston
Edward Buston
Oliver Buston
Chs. Buston
Mathew Buston
Anthony Buston
Thos. Buston
Sarah Buston
Edmund Buston
Patrick Buston
David Buston
Matthew Buston
Willm. Buston
Jas. Buston
Walter Buston
Herbert Buston
Harold Buston
Frank Buston
Robt. Buston
Richard Buston
E. Buston

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Buston
Sarah Buston
Mary Buston
Alice Buston
Eliza Buston
Jane Buston
Emma Buston
Maria Buston
Emily Buston
Laura Buston
Clara Buston
Martha Buston
Ann Buston
Isabella Buston
Catherine Buston
Annie Buston
Margaret Buston
Susannah Buston
Cicely Buston
Caroline Buston
Esther Buston
Anne Buston
Louisa Buston
Ellanor Buston
E. Buston
Sharlott Buston
Hart. Buston
Rebecca Buston
Gertrude Buston
Charlotte Buston
May Buston
Florence Buston
Ethel Buston
Betty Buston
Margt. Buston
Ellen Buston
Lizzie Buston
Ada Buston
Katie Buston
Edith Buston
Dorothy Buston
Hannah Buston
Prudence Buston
Frances Buston
Charlot Buston
Eva Buston
Barbara Buston
Margery Buston

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Brass Finisher
Driver In Coal Mine
Domestic Serv
School Governess
Gas Fitter
No Occ
Errand Boy
Domestic Serv (Housemaid)
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer ((Son))
Formerley Dressmaker
Fish Merchant
Farmer Of 27 Acres
Farmer Of 163 Acres Employing 2 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer (Of 300 Acres)
Farmer (Employing 3 Men)
Farm Labourers Wife
Cook Domestic Servt
Cook (Domestic)
Commercial Traveler
Brewers Servant
Boot Machine Sewer
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boat Mans Wife
Beer Retailer Unemployed
Ag Labrs Widow
Ag Lab Wife
Bricklayers Labourer
Carpenters Wife
Coke Drawer
Coal Miner
Clothiers Assistant
Clergyman Rector Of Twyford
China Dealer
Chemists Assistant
Chair Maker