Buttrey in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Buttrey
George Buttrey
Edward Buttrey
Richard Buttrey
Thomas Buttrey
Joseph Buttrey
James Buttrey
Barker Buttrey
William Buttrey
Alfred Buttrey
Vincent Buttrey
Scott Buttrey
Henry Buttrey
Geo. Buttrey
Benjamin Buttrey
Willie Buttrey
Arthur Buttrey
Watson Buttrey
Sam Buttrey

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Buttrey
Martha Buttrey
Ada Buttrey
Mary Buttrey
Jane Buttrey
Emma Buttrey
Eliza Buttrey
Blanch Buttrey
Margaret Buttrey
Anna Buttrey
Laura Buttrey
Jean Buttrey
Isabella Buttrey
Susannah Buttrey
Hannah Buttrey
Sarah Buttrey
Eunice Buttrey
Nellie Buttrey
Caroline Buttrey
Maria Buttrey
Betsy Buttrey
Lavinia Buttrey
Ann Buttrey
Julia Buttrey
Harriet Buttrey
Selina Buttrey
Fanny Buttrey
Rachel Buttrey
Nancy Buttrey

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Weaver (Woollen)
Mill Hand (Woollen)
Mill Hand (Cotton)
Leather Dresser
Laundry Maid
Rubbish Tipper
Beer House Keeper
Stableman Dom Serv
Stone Mason & Farmer
Tobacco Spinner
Wollen Mill Labourer
Hurrier In Coal Mine
House Maid
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boot Maker
Clerk Coal Merchant)
Clerk Tea Merchant)
Cloth Dresser
Cloth Weaver
Coal Miner
Farmer Of 24 Acres
Farmers Foreman
Farmers Foreman Wife
Gen Serv Domes
General Labourer
House Made
Worsted Mill Hand