Butts in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Butts
James Butts
George Butts
John Butts
Thomas Butts
Henry Butts
Charles Butts
Robert Butts
Alfred Butts
Edward Butts
Harry Butts
Frederick Butts
Walter Butts
Frank Butts
Arthur Butts
Fred Butts
Edwin Butts
Isaac Butts
Stephen Butts
Samuel Butts
Richard Butts
Ernest Butts
Joseph Butts
Jno. Butts
Wm. Butts
Cecil Butts
H. Butts
Geo. Butts
Lishel Butts
David Butts
Willm. Butts
Herbert Butts
Watson Butts
A. Butts
Solomon Butts
Fredk.Jno. Butts
Ralph Butts
Francis Butts
Edgar Butts
Cyril Butts

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Butts
Mary Butts
Sarah Butts
Emma Butts
Eliza Butts
Ellen Butts
Emily Butts
Louisa Butts
Ann Butts
Annie Butts
Alice Butts
Clara Butts
Maria Butts
Harriet Butts
Hannah Butts
Charlotte Butts
Martha Butts
Florence Butts
Margaret Butts
Ella Butts
Ada Butts
Jane Butts
Matilda Butts
Frances Butts
Susan Butts
Prudence Butts
Nellie Butts
Kate Butts
Maud Butts
Helen Butts
Eleanor Butts
Maryann Butts
Violet Butts
Dora Butts
Susanna Butts
Sophy Butts
Cathl.G. Butts
Marian Butts
F. Butts
Caroline Butts
Rosanna Butts
Beatrice Butts
Louise Butts
Emelyn Butts
Phillis Butts
Lillie Butts
Nancy Butts
Harriett Butts
Edith Butts
Maryan Butts

Top occupations

Boot Maker
General Servant Domestic
Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Wife Of Laborer
Button Hole Worker (Tailor)
Parchment Maker
Commercial Traveller
Cabinet Maker
Leather Finisher
Laborer Chalk
General Labourer
Engine Driver
General Serv (Dom)
Masonic Apron Maker
General Lab
Engin Fitter
District Nurse
Doctors Wife
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
Worsted Weaver
Doctors Daur
Bricklayers Laborer
Artifical Florist
Basket Woman
Berliste Brace Maker
Boat Builder
Bobbin Pegger In Worsted Factory (Unemployed)
Business At House
Assist In House Work
Civil Service Senior Examining Exchequer Of Audit Office Somerset House
Coach Wheeler (Wright)
Coal Dealer