Buzzard in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Buzzard
William Buzzard
James Buzzard
Charles Buzzard
Thomas Buzzard
Henry Buzzard
Frank Buzzard
Francis Buzzard
Robert Buzzard
Edwin Buzzard
Herbert Buzzard
George Buzzard
Geo. Buzzard
Samuel Buzzard
Alfred Buzzard
Joseph Buzzard
Willie Buzzard
Erasmus Buzzard
Tom Buzzard
David Buzzard
Horace Buzzard
Benjamin Buzzard
Septimus Buzzard
Archibald Buzzard
Ruban Buzzard
Orlando Buzzard
Fredrick Buzzard
Josh. Buzzard
Wm. Buzzard
Jonathon Buzzard
Ernest Buzzard
Jno.Howard Buzzard
Thos. Buzzard
Jabez Buzzard
Tertins Buzzard
Arthur Buzzard
Harry Buzzard
Rodney Buzzard
Geo.Ernest Buzzard
Percy Buzzard
Geo Buzzard
Leslie Buzzard
Fredk. Buzzard

Top female forenames

Mary Buzzard
Eliza Buzzard
Elizabeth Buzzard
Ann Buzzard
Sarah Buzzard
Catherine Buzzard
Louisa Buzzard
Hannah Buzzard
Alice Buzzard
Ellen Buzzard
Florence Buzzard
Martha Buzzard
Lucy Buzzard
Lizzie Buzzard
Phoebe Buzzard
Annie Buzzard
Fanny Buzzard
Ada Buzzard
Jane Buzzard
Harriett Buzzard
Clara Buzzard
Polly Buzzard
Betsy Buzzard
Maud Buzzard
Eveline Buzzard
Margaret Buzzard
Etty Buzzard
Adelaide Buzzard
Emma Buzzard
Elsie Buzzard
Sophia Buzzard
Lena Buzzard
Isabel Buzzard
Eliz.Jane Buzzard
Rose Buzzard
Harriet Buzzard
Georgina Buzzard
Amelia Buzzard
Maria Buzzard
Eva Buzzard
Agnes Buzzard
Lydia Buzzard
Ethel Buzzard
Emily Buzzard
Sussanah Buzzard
Lettie Buzzard
Serina Buzzard
Rosemary Buzzard

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Silk Weaver
Gen Labourer
Gen Lab
Coachman Dom
Coml Traveller Grocery Unemployed
Groom (N D)
Labs Wife
House Proprietor
Furniture Salesman (Dlr)
Formerly Refreshment Ho Keeper
Formerly Ag Lab
Fitter Shoe Trade
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Woollen Agent
Graziers Wife
Journeyman House Carpenter
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
General Servant
Housemaid Servant
Grazier Of 45 Acres
Ag Steward's Wife
Factory Hand (Cotton Winder)
Domestic Servant
Bootmaker (Unemployed)
Bakers Apprentice
Artificial Florist
Architect & Surveyor Wife
Architect & Surveyor
Apprentice Portmanteau
Ag Steward (Farm Bailiff)
Carpenter & Joiner
Costumier Dress Mantle Maker Employing 6 Women
Cook Dom Servt
Cook Dom Serv
Cook (Dom)
Commercial Traveller
Coal Dealer
Coal Carter