Byrn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Byrn
Charles Byrn
Henry Byrn
William Byrn
Richard Byrn
Michael Byrn
George Byrn
Domenick Byrn
Robert Byrn
Nelson Byrn
Martin Byrn
Edward Byrn

Top female forenames

Mary Byrn
Ellen Byrn
Annie Byrn
Ann Byrn
Susan Byrn
Jenny Byrn
Edith Byrn
Clara Byrn
Victoria Byrn
Priscilla Byrn
Margeret Byrn
Lizzie Byrn
Hannah Byrn
Elizabeth Byrn
Doris Byrn
Bridget Byrn
Margaret Byrn

Top occupations

Indian Pension
Laborer (Oilworks
No Occupation
Teacher Of Dancing
Roman Catholic Priest
Kitchen Porter Dom
Matron Of Hospital
Miner (Coal
Potters Assis
Provision Dealer
A B Seaman
Income From Dividends
Blast Furnaceman
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Domestic Svant Serving Maid
Farm Servant
Gen Labourer
Genl Laborer
Home Duties
Teacher Of Music