Bytheway in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Bytheway
William Bytheway
John Bytheway
Edward Bytheway
Samuel Bytheway
James Bytheway
Alfred Bytheway
Charles Bytheway
Joseph Bytheway
George Bytheway
Philip Bytheway
Edwin Bytheway
Benjamin Bytheway
Benjn. Bytheway
Ephraim Bytheway
Edmund Bytheway
Albert Bytheway
Francis Bytheway
Michael Bytheway
Joshua Bytheway
David Bytheway
Jno.Allen Bytheway
Abraham Bytheway
Wilfred Bytheway
Harry Bytheway
Thos. Bytheway
Geo. Bytheway
Percy Bytheway
Edwen Bytheway
Levi Bytheway
Josh. Bytheway
Jno. Bytheway
Hemet Bytheway
Walter Bytheway

Top female forenames

Mary Bytheway
Elizabeth Bytheway
Ellen Bytheway
Sarah Bytheway
Emma Bytheway
Harriet Bytheway
Alice Bytheway
Lucy Bytheway
Martha Bytheway
Eliza Bytheway
Jane Bytheway
Clara Bytheway
Annie Bytheway
Louisa Bytheway
Edith Bytheway
Hannah Bytheway
Anne Bytheway
Margaret Bytheway
Fanny Bytheway
Lizzie Bytheway
Elizth. Bytheway
Rebecca Bytheway
Maria Bytheway
Ann Bytheway
Lillian Bytheway
Rebeca Bytheway
Jennie Bytheway
Eleanor Bytheway
Nellie Bytheway
Isibella Bytheway
Miriam Bytheway
Helen Bytheway
Charlotte Bytheway
Amy Bytheway
Abighail Bytheway
Lois Bytheway
Elsie Bytheway
Jessie Bytheway
Pamela Bytheway
Effie Bytheway
Myra Bytheway
Isabella Bytheway
Gertrud Bytheway
Lydia Bytheway
Emmily Bytheway
Emily Bytheway
Lizzy Bytheway

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Iron Worker
Laborer In Stone Quarry
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Commercial Clerk To Coroner
Carpet Starcher
General Laborour
Pupil Teacher
Nail Caster
Inn Keeper
Husband Miner From Home
Worsted Weaver
Farmers Wife
Financial Bis Manager
Formerly Laundress
Gardener (Head) (Dom)
House Maid
House Keeper
General Serv
Governess (T)
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
Coal Miners Wife
Dress Maker
Agr Labr (24)
Agricultural Labourer
Baker Master Employing 1 Man
Bank Manager
Blacksmith & Inn Keeper
Blacksmith Wife
Boat Unloader (Dock)
Butchers Wife
Carpet Picker
Clerk At Iron Works
Coach Painter (Apprentice)
Coal Loader (Labr)
Dom House Keeper