Cabel in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Cabel
William Cabel
Chas. Cabel
George Cabel
John Cabel
Malomin Cabel
Henry Cabel
Frederick Cabel
Lewis Cabel
James Cabel
Edward Cabel
Benjamin Cabel

Top female forenames

Sarah Cabel
Louisa Cabel
Hannah Cabel
Rose Cabel
Florence Cabel
Ellen Cabel
Clara Cabel
Avi Cabel
Mary Cabel
Emily Cabel
Edith Cabel
Cicely Cabel
Ada Cabel

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labs Wife
Domestic Duties
Straw Dealer
Straw Dealers Wife
Housemaid Domestic
Gas Fitter
Formerly Secretary To Iron Ore Coy At Present Of No Employment
Fishermans Wife
Fireman Tindal
Coach Builder Mechanic
Clerk To A Wine Merchant
Boarder (Berlin Wool Shop)
Agri Laborer
Wife Of Shoemaker