Caddel in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Caddel
Charles Caddel
Richard Caddel
Edward Caddel
Thomas Caddel
George Caddel
Arthur Caddel
Tyrrell Caddel
Sydney Caddel
James Caddel
Cecil Caddel
Walter Caddel
Samuel Caddel

Top female forenames

Edith Caddel
Constance Caddel
Susan Caddel
Catharine Caddel
Sabineh Caddel
Anne Caddel
Margaret Caddel
Jane Caddel
Georgiana Caddel
Emily Caddel
Eliza Caddel
Delhis Caddel
Christina Caddel
Sarah Caddel
Annie Caddel
Maud Caddel
Louisa Caddel
Henrietta Caddel
Emma Caddel
Elizabeth Caddel

Top occupations

Purse Maker (Fancy Tex)
Gardener (D)
Rly Carr Cleaner
Private Income
Printer Stationer Employs 1 Man 3 Apprentices And 1 Boy
Printer Etc Employing 3 Men 3 Boys A Reporter And Outdoor Assistants
Partner ?
Income From Dividends No Occupation
Genl Servt
Gas Fitter
Gardeners Wife
White Smith