Caddy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Caddy
John Caddy
James Caddy
Thomas Caddy
Henry Caddy
George Caddy
Charles Caddy
Joseph Caddy
Richard Caddy
Samuel Caddy
Michael Caddy
Alfred Caddy
Robert Caddy
Edward Caddy
Fred Caddy
Isaac Caddy
Alexander Caddy
Sampson Caddy
David Caddy
Wm. Caddy
Francis Caddy
Frederick Caddy
Benjamin Caddy
Wearne Caddy
Arthur Caddy
Edwin Caddy
Jonathan Caddy
Fredk. Caddy
Ephraim Caddy
Levi Caddy
Stephen Caddy
Fredrick Caddy
Walter Caddy
Tom Caddy
Albert Caddy
Sidney Caddy
Job Caddy
Jem Caddy
Philip Caddy
Barnel Caddy
Wearn Caddy
Ernest Caddy
Patrick Caddy
Arnold Caddy
Hugh Caddy
W. Caddy
Nicholas Caddy
Angus Caddy
Thos.R. Caddy
Emanuel Caddy

Top female forenames

Mary Caddy
Elizabeth Caddy
Jane Caddy
Sarah Caddy
Ann Caddy
Ellen Caddy
Eliza Caddy
Emma Caddy
Caroline Caddy
Annie Caddy
Margaret Caddy
Emily Caddy
Martha Caddy
Susan Caddy
Hannah Caddy
Florence Caddy
Louisa Caddy
Agnes Caddy
Catherine Caddy
Bessie Caddy
Fanny Caddy
Ada Caddy
Frances Caddy
Amelia Caddy
Edith Caddy
Alice Caddy
Grace Caddy
Matilda Caddy
Anne Caddy
Rebecca Caddy
Harriett Caddy
Elizth. Caddy
Harriet Caddy
Eleanor Caddy
Maria Caddy
Ruth Caddy
Eliz. Caddy
Rosina Caddy
Kate Caddy
Rose Caddy
Isabella Caddy
Elizth.A. Caddy
Dorothy Caddy
Ethel Caddy
Charlotte Caddy
Lucy Caddy
Minnie Caddy
Elizth.Ann Caddy
Lizzie Caddy
Selina Caddy

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Tin Miner
Coal Miner
General Servant
Flax Mill Operative
Farm Servant
Surface Tin Work
Farm Labourer
Hurdle Maker
Dress Maker
Servant (Dom)
Iron Ore Miner
General Serv
General Labourer
Farm Servant ((Indoor))
General Servant (Domestic)
Miner (Tin)
Masons Labourer
Agricutuarl Labourer
Copper Miner
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Lab
General Servant Domestic
Pupil Teacher
Domestic Serv
Iron Worker
House Keeper
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Labourers Wife
Ag Labourer
House Maid
Flax Mill Hand
Farmers Widow
Iron Moulder
Assistant To Contractor
Carter (Ag)