Cadogan in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cadogan
John Cadogan
Charles Cadogan
Henry Cadogan
George Cadogan
Thomas Cadogan
Edward Cadogan
Walter Cadogan
Alfred Cadogan
James Cadogan
Isaac Cadogan
Roger Cadogan
Gerald Cadogan
Ernest Cadogan
Edwin Cadogan
Reuben Cadogan
Fredric Cadogan
Albert Cadogan
Patrick Cadogan
Martin Cadogan
Lavin Cadogan
Daniel Cadogan
Cornelius Cadogan
Victor Cadogan
Clement Cadogan
Thos. Cadogan
Cadogan Cadogan
Samuel Cadogan
Harry Cadogan
Anthony Cadogan
Alexander Cadogan
Phillip Cadogan
Francis Cadogan
Abraham Cadogan
Maurice Cadogan
Lewis Cadogan
Earl Cadogan
Wm. Cadogan
Jonathon Cadogan
Corns. Cadogan
Jeremiah Cadogan
Clifford Cadogan
Timothy Cadogan
Jack Cadogan
Arthur Cadogan
Samual Cadogan

Top female forenames

Mary Cadogan
Sarah Cadogan
Ann Cadogan
Elizabeth Cadogan
Eliza Cadogan
Ethel Cadogan
Jane Cadogan
Ellen Cadogan
Harriett Cadogan
Gertrude Cadogan
Caroline Cadogan
Eva Cadogan
Esther Cadogan
Sophia Cadogan
Edith Cadogan
Rhoda Cadogan
Harriet Cadogan
Martha Cadogan
Florence Cadogan
Mabel Cadogan
Alice Cadogan
Agnes Cadogan
Hilda Cadogan
Dora Cadogan
Rebecca Cadogan
Ada Cadogan
Harriette Cadogan
Clara Cadogan
Minnie Cadogan
Charity Cadogan
Maria Cadogan
Beatrice Cadogan
Magrat Cadogan
Anne Cadogan
Louisa Cadogan
Emil Cadogan
Amelia Cadogan
Ivy Cadogan
Alica Cadogan
Honoria Cadogan
Adilade Cadogan
Henrietta Cadogan
Diana Cadogan
Polly Cadogan
(Countess Cadogan
Harrietta Cadogan
Charlote Cadogan
Maud Cadogan
Catherine Cadogan
Bernie Cadogan

Top occupations

No Profession
Dockyard Labour
Gentleman At Large
I Pn Depy Lieutenant
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Maid
Gas Maker
Hotel Servant
Woollen Operative
Iron Lab
Miller Occupoying 16 Acres
Master Painter (Employing 8 Men 1 Boy)
Master Painter
Mason (Unemployed)
Late Lt & Capt Grenr Guards
Labourers Wife
Justice Of The Peace Northd (Oth Court Off)
Journeyman Cooper
Fund Holder & House Proprietor
Cotton Winder
Cotton Operative
Commission Agent
Comm Clk Clerk At Iron Works
Civil Engineer
Book Keeper
Dom Servant
Domestic Servant
Formerly A Serv
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son employed on farm
Farmer of 11 Acres
Farm Serv (Ag Lab)
Earls Daughter
Doplomacy (C S)