Caffery in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Caffery
John Caffery
Thomas Caffery
Patrick Caffery
Edward Caffery
William Caffery
Richard Caffery
Michael Caffery
George Caffery
Thos. Caffery
Peter Caffery
Felix Caffery
Charles Caffery
Luke Caffery
Bernard Caffery
Phillip Caffery
Henry Caffery
Christopher Caffery
Lawson Caffery
Arthur Caffery
Joseph Caffery
Jerry Caffery
Hy. Caffery
Owen Caffery
Michel Caffery
Daniel Caffery
Lanmas Caffery
Anthony Caffery
W.P. Caffery
Frederick Caffery
Oney Caffery
Michal Caffery
Martin Caffery
Brian Caffery

Top female forenames

Mary Caffery
Ellen Caffery
Catherine Caffery
Elizabeth Caffery
Sarah Caffery
Jane Caffery
Margaret Caffery
Alice Caffery
Bridget Caffery
Hannah Caffery
Ann Caffery
Maria Caffery
Eliza Caffery
Julia Caffery
Emily Caffery
Rebecca Caffery
Annie Caffery
Maggie Caffery
Theresa Caffery
Everes Caffery
Nancy Caffery
Cecilia Caffery
Louisa Caffery
Ada Caffery
Frances Caffery
Selina Caffery
Evelyn Caffery
May Caffery
Martha Caffery
Margt. Caffery

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
General Servant
General Laborer
Rover In Cotton Mill
Domestic Servant
Dock Labourer
Dock Lab
Dock Laborer
Genl Labourer
General Clerk
General Serv (Dom)
Gen Lab Alkali Works (Manuf)
General Labourer
General Serv
General Servant ( Dom )
Iron Driller
Innkeeper Barman (Unemployed)
Housemaid Serv
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Hair Dresser
Genl Servant
General Servant (Dom)
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 23 Acres Emp 1 Labourer
Colliery Labourer
Clothes Broker
Cloth Cap Maker (Hat)
White Lead Works Worker (Paint Manuf)
Carpet Printer
Carpet Filler
Cotton Cop Reeler
Cotton Doubler
Cotton Spinner
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Engineman Iron Works
Domestic Work
Dom Serv
Cotton Throstle Spinner