Cail in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cail
William Cail
Thomas Cail
George Cail
Joseph Cail
James Cail
Richard Cail
Frederick Cail
David Cail
Thophilus Cail
Christopher Cail
Septimus Cail
Alexander Cail
Michael Cail
Henry Cail
Fredk. Cail
Wm.Lambert Cail
Frank Cail
Walter Cail
Daniel Cail
Benjamin Cail
Joshua Cail
Herbert Cail

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cail
Mary Cail
Jane Cail
Catherine Cail
Annie Cail
Ann Cail
Sarah Cail
Emily Cail
Nora Cail
Martha Cail
Margaret Cail
Janet Cail
Isabella Cail
Hilda Cail
Eva Cail
Emma Cail
Emeline Cail
Eliza Cail
Maria Cail
Bridget Cail
Lavra Cail
Anna Cail
Isabell Cail
Frances Cail
Esther Cail

Top occupations

Retired Ironmonger
Lead Miner
Income From Dividends
None Int Of Money
Pensoiner Of Royal Artillery (Power)
Machinest (Undef)
Limestone Quarry Man
Printer Stationer & Bookbinder
Quarryman (Limestone)
Russian Merchant
School Mistress
Spanish Merchant Importer Of Lead
The General Work Of The Institution
Black Smith
Land Agent
Lady Manager Of Students Home
Clerk At Paper Works
Colliery Agent
Cotton Spinner
Engine Driver (Rail)
Engine Tenter Shipyard (22-2)
Engineer (Mariner)
Engineers Wife
Farmer Of 36 Acres
Farmer Of 50 Acres
House Keeper
Iron Manufr & Surveyor
Journeyman Painter
Labourer In Iron Works
Vest Maker