Calderhead in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Calderhead
William Calderhead
James Calderhead
Thomas Calderhead
Charles Calderhead
Albert Calderhead
Fredrick Calderhead
Andrew Calderhead

Top female forenames

Margaret Calderhead
Winifred Calderhead
Janet Calderhead
Annie Calderhead
Laura Calderhead
Isabella Calderhead
Florence Calderhead
Charlotte Calderhead
Agnes Calderhead
Mary Calderhead
Margariet Calderhead
Maggie Calderhead
Georgina Calderhead
Elizabeth Calderhead
Rosina Calderhead
Maria Calderhead

Top occupations

(Gen Dlr) Assistant In Army & Navy Stores
Serv (Domes)
Sawyers Wife
Sawyer Of Wood
Office Of Inland Revenue
Mineral Borer
Iron Ore Borer
House Painter
Domestic Serv
Apprentice Caulker (Ship)