Callander in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Callander
William Callander
George Callander
Charles Callander
Thomas Callander
Henry Callander
James Callander
Alexander Callander
Harry Callander
Daniel Callander
Wm. Callander
Alexanda Callander
Richard Callander
Milton Callander
Jessie Callander
Gilbert Callander
Frank Callander
Colin Callander
Robert Callander
Alex Callander
Nickles Callander

Top female forenames

Mary Callander
Annie Callander
Jessie Callander
Ellen Callander
Margaret Callander
Janet Callander
Ann Callander
Elizabeth Callander
Agnes Callander
Maria Callander
Eleanor Callander
Julia Callander
Catherine Callander
Isabella Callander
Hannah Callander
S. Callander
Frederica Callander
Emily Callander
Margt. Callander
Louisa Callander
Edith Callander
Johannah Callander
Beatrice Callander
Jean Callander
Anna Callander
Jane Callander
Helen Callander
Sarah Callander
Gertrude Callander
Muriel Callander
Fanny Callander

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Insurance Clerk
Brick Layer
Marine Engineer (Seaman)
Land Proprietor
Lady Help
Iron Labourer
Farmer Of 240 Acres
Housekeeper (Off)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Tailor & Draper
Studying For Examination (Student)
Serv Dom
School Mistress
Retired Chief Boatsman From Royal Navy Now Chief Officer Of Training Ship Akbar
Railway Lab
Private R M L I
Nurse Domestic
Harness Maker
Grate Fitter In Foundry
Civil Service H M Office Of Works
Cardboard Box Maker (Paper)
Brewers Servant
Box Maker
Boot Maker
Book Folder
Assistant Practioner (Medic)
Alkali Works Manager
Coml Clerk (Colonl Brokers)
Coml Clerk (Unemployed)
General Warehouseman
Farmers Wife
Farmers Sons Daur
Farmers Son Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Farmer 14 Acres Employing 1 Man
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Clerk