Callum in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Callum
John Callum
James Callum
Charles Callum
George Callum
Thomas Callum
Joseph Callum
Horace Callum
Alfred Callum
Ernest Callum
David Callum
Francis Callum
Leighton Callum
Edmund Callum
Clym Callum
Arthur Callum
Henry Callum
Sidney Callum
Harold Callum
Samuel Callum
Fredk. Callum
Percy Callum
Fred Callum
Michl. Callum
Jas. Callum
Isaac Callum
Andrew Callum
Walter Callum
Herbert Callum
Theophilus Callum
Harry Callum
Selsus Callum
Robert Callum
Frederick Callum
Nicholas Callum

Top female forenames

Mary Callum
Elizabeth Callum
Emma Callum
Sarah Callum
Margaret Callum
Ann Callum
Annie Callum
Jessie Callum
Hannah Callum
Fanny Callum
Emily Callum
Bertha Callum
Lizzie Callum
Kate Callum
Ada Callum
Isabella Callum
Harriet Callum
Georgina Callum
Rhoda Callum
May Callum
Ellen Callum
Marian Callum
Eleanor Callum
Lottie Callum
Lilie Callum
Amelia Callum
Harriett Callum
Minnie Callum

Top occupations

Moulder (Art)
Eng Fitter At Works
Colliery Lab
Flax Operative
Iron Moulder
Inland Revenue Assistant
Iron Ship Rivetter
Income From Property
Jobbing Gardener
Housekeeper (Dom)
Horse Keeper
Labourer Unemployed
Private 109th Regt
Pattern Maker ...
Organ Builder
Office Boy (Accountants)
Nursing 3/3
Nursemaid (Paupers)
Nail Maker (Out Of Empl.)
Mercantile Clerk
Mechanic Iron Turner
Laundry Maid Serv (Domestic)
Genl Servt (Dom)
Genl Labr
Cutlery Manufrs Warehouse Clerk
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Button Tool Maker
Bottle Blower
At Home-Dressmaker
Asylum Attendant
Artists Wife
Architect Surveyor
Dom Servant Genl
Dress Maker
Dressmaker (Apprentice)
General Servant (Domestic)
General Laborer
Gas Meter Maker (E & M)
Gas Meter Maker
Foreman Engineer Fitter At Works
Farmers Daughter
Engine Pattern Maker
Eng Fitter Unemployed