Callwood in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Callwood
Thomas Callwood
James Callwood
William Callwood
Samuel Callwood
Alfred Callwood
Joseph Callwood
Henry Callwood
Edward Callwood
Benjamin Callwood
Walter Callwood
Frederick Callwood
Edgar Callwood
Arthur Callwood
Thos. Callwood
Herbert Callwood
Harold Callwood

Top female forenames

Annie Callwood
Elizabeth Callwood
Mary Callwood
Louisa Callwood
Margt. Callwood
Ann Callwood
Sarah Callwood
Caroline Callwood
Margaret Callwood
Ada Callwood
Jane Callwood
Harriet Callwood
Fanny Callwood
Susanna Callwood
Ellen Callwood
Olive Callwood
Maude Callwood
Christina Callwood
Beatrice Callwood
Maggie Callwood
Lorrie Callwood
Isabella Callwood
Geannettee Callwood
Emma Callwood
Elizth. Callwood
Norah Callwood
Eliza Callwood

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Insurance Manager
Iron Moulder
Mariners Wife
No Occupation
Oil Refiner
Platelayer Wife
Railway Platelayer
Retired Farmers Wife
Retired Hosier
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Cook Dom
Cowman (Ag Lab)
Domestic Servant
Drapers Apprentice
Driller For Boiler Maker
Estate Agent
Farm Laborer
Farm Servants Boy
Farmer Of 104 Acres 2 Labs & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 161 Acres Employing 5 Labourers
Farmer Of 35 Acres 1 Lab
Agr Lab & Sexton Of Chelford Church