Calwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Calwell
Wm. Calwell
Thomas Calwell
George Calwell
Fred Calwell
William Calwell
Robert Calwell
James Calwell
Geo. Calwell
Arthur Calwell

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Calwell
Mary Calwell
Isabella Calwell
Jane Calwell
Annie Calwell
Margaret Calwell
Louisa Calwell
Esther Calwell
Barbara Calwell
Theabie Calwell
Margt. Calwell
Louise Calwell
Helen Calwell
Ellen Calwell
Dorothy Calwell

Top occupations

Farmer Daur
General Servant
House Keeper
Iron Ship Wright
Parlour Maid Dom Serv
Rover In Cotton Mill
Ry Guard
Seamans Wife
Servant General
General Practitioner Wife
General Practitioner L.R.C.P. & S.Edr.
Cook Dom
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Dyer (C)
Farmer Of 87 Acres
Farmer Son
Farmer Wife
Gen Serv