Camburn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Camburn
James Camburn
George Camburn
William Camburn
Thomas Camburn
Alfred Camburn
Edward Camburn
Hawtrey Camburn
Geo. Camburn
Charles Camburn
Nathaniel Camburn
Allen Camburn
Albert Camburn
Wallace Camburn
Frederick Camburn
Tenham Camburn
Ernest Camburn
Osias Camburn
Claude Camburn
Nelson Camburn
Caleb Camburn
Mark Camburn
Jno. Camburn
Henry Camburn
Harold Camburn
Thos.E. Camburn
Theodore Camburn
Frank Camburn
Sydney Camburn
Osborne Camburn

Top female forenames

Sarah Camburn
Mary Camburn
Florence Camburn
Hilda Camburn
Amy Camburn
Hannah Camburn
Amelia Camburn
Ellen Camburn
Elizabeth Camburn
Edith Camburn
Charlotte Camburn
Annie Camburn
Emma Camburn
Jane Camburn
Eliza Camburn
Isabel Camburn
Martha Camburn
Ethel Camburn
Alice Camburn
Madeline Camburn
Emily Camburn
Laviania Camburn
Julia Camburn
Isabella Camburn
Susannah Camburn
Georgina Camburn
Frances Camburn
Fanny Camburn
Ameila Camburn
Marion Camburn
Letetia Camburn
Emeline Camburn
Kate Camburn
Elizabth. Camburn
Violet Camburn
Connie Camburn
Bertha Camburn
Susan Camburn
Francis Camburn
Ann Camburn
Maryann Camburn

Top occupations

Oyster Dredger
Wife Oyster Dredger
Coal Miner
Ship Chandler
Master Mariner
Master Butcher
Mariners Wife
Companion (Dom Servt)
Photographers Assistant
Pilot Trinity
Retired Domestic Ser
School Tutor
Attendant To Her Aunt
Shop Assistant
Trinity Pilots Wife
Wesleyan Minister
Wife Dredger
Butchers Wife
Domestic Servant
Drapers Asst
Fisherman Wife
General Serv
House Servant
Mariner & Lic Vict
Certificated Teacher (School)
Carpenter (Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys)
Able Seaman