Cammack in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cammack
John Cammack
James Cammack
George Cammack
Joseph Cammack
Henry Cammack
Thomas Cammack
Richard Cammack
Charles Cammack
Walter Cammack
Robert Cammack
Francis Cammack
Alfred Cammack
Samuel Cammack
Eleker Cammack
Henery Cammack
Jessee Cammack
Edward Cammack
Zacariah Cammack
Barnet Cammack
Wilfred Cammack
Arthur Cammack
Vincent Cammack
Harrison Cammack
Albert Cammack
Thos Cammack
Gorge Cammack
Smith Cammack
Geo.Wm. Cammack
Fredrick Cammack
Mark Cammack
Edwin Cammack
Jesse Cammack
Atkinson Cammack
Headly Cammack
Tom Cammack
Harold Cammack
Geo. Cammack
Frederick Cammack

Top female forenames

Mary Cammack
Elizabeth Cammack
Sarah Cammack
Jane Cammack
Alice Cammack
Charlotte Cammack
Fanny Cammack
Ann Cammack
Ada Cammack
Emma Cammack
Frances Cammack
Edith Cammack
Maria Cammack
Eva Cammack
Annie Cammack
Louisa Cammack
Rebecca Cammack
Hannah Cammack
Anne Cammack
Emily Cammack
Ellen Cammack
Betsy Cammack
Esther Cammack
Susan Cammack
Eliza Cammack
Matilda Cammack
Catherine Cammack
Margaret Cammack
Rose Cammack
Harriet Cammack
Thirza Cammack
Letitia Cammack
Agnes Cammack
Jessie Cammack
Elsie Cammack
Ruth Cammack
Hellen Cammack
Elizth. Cammack
Harriett Cammack
Minnie Cammack
Dinah Cammack
Evalina Cammack
Betsey Cammack
Etta Cammack
Lizzie Cammack
Ester Cammack
Susanna Cammack
Kate Cammack
Adelaide Cammack
Helen Cammack

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab Wife
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Foreman
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Labourer
General Servt (Domestic)
General Servant
General Serv
Farmer 15 Acres
Farmer 80 Acres Employing 1 Man 2 Boys
Farmer Of 1 Acre
Farmer Of 4 1/4 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farmers Son
Flour Dealer Assistant
Gamekeeper & Labourer
Fund Holder
Foreman Porter (Gen)
Genl Serv
General Servt Domestic
Formerly Laundress
Dress Maker
Agrl Labourer
Bank Clerk
Boot & Shoe Maker
Brick Maker
Brick Tile Maker
Clerk Tailors & Outfitters
Clothier & Outfitter
Coal Miner
Druggist Assistant
Engine Driver Railway
Engine Fitter At Works
Farm Bailiff
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farm Boy
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourer