Campany in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Campany
John Campany
James Campany
Frank Campany
George Campany
Henry Campany
Nelson Campany
Robert Campany
Edwin Campany
Walter Campany
Albert Campany
Spencer Campany
Richard Campany
Martin Campany
Hyath Campany
Francis Campany
Wiley Campany
Charles Campany
Thomas Campany
Joseph Campany

Top female forenames

Mary Campany
Emma Campany
Emily Campany
Eliza Campany
Elizabeth Campany
Fanny Campany
Sarah Campany
Lydia Campany
Selina Campany
Sally Campany
Barlard Campany
Minnie Campany
Ann Campany
Alice Campany
Louisa Campany
Harriet Campany
Caroline Campany
Ruth Campany
Annie Campany
Maude Campany
Amelia Campany
Harriett Campany
Hannah Campany
Esther Campany

Top occupations

Ag Lab
No Occupation
Domestic Asst
Police Constable
Svt In Charge (Dom)
Seaman Mercantile Marine
Licensed Victaller
Licensed Victualler
Wagon Inspector (Mill)
Lunatic Attendant
Under Gamekeeper
Master Gunner Royal Artil (Soldier)
Son Of Under Gamekeeper
Shoe Maker
Sergt. In Boro Police
Housekeeper (Dom)
General Servt Domestic
Bargeman ?
Boatman On Seas
Bricklayers Laborer
Coachman Daur
Coachman Domestic
Coachman Wife
Cook (Dom)
Engine Cleaner
Farm Labr
Gardener Dom
General Servant
Wife Of Under Gamekeeper