Camplin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Camplin
William Camplin
George Camplin
Joseph Camplin
Henry Camplin
Robert Camplin
Thomas Camplin
Alfred Camplin
Charles Camplin
Arthur Camplin
Albert Camplin
Edward Camplin
James Camplin
Harry Camplin
Samuel Camplin
Robt. Camplin
Matthew Camplin
Saml. Camplin
Joe Camplin
Isaac Camplin
Amos Camplin
Oliver Camplin
Moses Camplin
Geo. Camplin
Mason Camplin
Frederick Camplin
Luther Camplin
Ernest Camplin
Urnest Camplin
Louis Camplin
Christopher Camplin
Benjamin Camplin
Arther Camplin
Oscar Camplin
Nathaniel Camplin
Fredk. Camplin
Wm. Camplin
Mark Camplin
Frank Camplin
Willby Camplin
Luke Camplin
Eli Camplin
Tom Camplin
Josh. Camplin
Ebenezer Camplin
Solomon Camplin
Jonathan Camplin

Top female forenames

Mary Camplin
Elizabeth Camplin
Emma Camplin
Sarah Camplin
Eliza Camplin
Hannah Camplin
Annie Camplin
Anne Camplin
Alice Camplin
Maria Camplin
Jane Camplin
Martha Camplin
Emily Camplin
Ruth Camplin
Adeliza Camplin
Edith Camplin
Rose Camplin
Harriett Camplin
Ann Camplin
Louisa Camplin
Julia Camplin
Isabella Camplin
Amelia Camplin
Lucy Camplin
Ema Camplin
Lilly Camplin
Ada Camplin
Isabel Camplin
Damaris Camplin
Catherine Camplin
Rosa Camplin
Bessie Camplin
Minnie Camplin
Florence Camplin
Esther Camplin
Mahala Camplin
Alma Camplin
Ellen Camplin
Agnes Camplin
Sophia Camplin
Adelaide Camplin
Dinah Camplin
Henrietta Camplin
Clara Camplin
Rosannah Camplin
Harriet Camplin
Caroline Camplin
Olive Camplin
Frances Camplin
Beatrice Camplin

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Stone Mason
Shepherd Son
General Servant
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Dock Master
Domestic Serv
Cattle Dealer
Domestic Servant
Porter Unemployed
Book Folder
Farm Labourer
Farm Lab
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer 25 Acres
General Labourer
General Laborer
General Domestic
Gen Lab
Glass Blower
Gas ...Maker
Farmer Of 6 Acres
Gas Fitter
Agricultural Labourer
Architects Assistant
Book Keeper
Boot Salesman
Bricklayers Labourer
Butchers Foreman
Yeoman (Farmer)
Coachman (ND)
Coal Miner
Cook At Restaurant (Inn Hotel)
Cook Domestic Servant
Deal Cabinet Maker
Drapers Porter