Canavan in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Canavan
James Canavan
Thomas Canavan
Patrick Canavan
William Canavan
Martin Canavan
Michael Canavan
Peter Canavan
Edward Canavan
Daniel Canavan
Cornelius Canavan
Joseph Canavan
Henry Canavan
George Canavan
Charles Canavan
Thos. Canavan
Robert Canavan
Richard Canavan
Francis Canavan
David Canavan
Augustus Canavan
Roger Canavan
Anthony Canavan
Richd. Canavan
Ralph Canavan
Frederick Canavan
Owen Canavan
Michan Canavan
Willm. Canavan
Jos.F. Canavan
Bernard Canavan
Stephen Canavan
Jas. Canavan
Arthur Canavan
Hugh Canavan
Alfred Canavan
Harry Canavan
Gabriel Canavan
Pat. Canavan
Nicholas Canavan
Wm.J. Canavan
Bidelia Canavan

Top female forenames

Mary Canavan
Margaret Canavan
Bridget Canavan
Ellen Canavan
Elizabeth Canavan
Catherine Canavan
Ann Canavan
Annie Canavan
Jane Canavan
Julia Canavan
Kate Canavan
Cathrine Canavan
Louisa Canavan
Hannah Canavan
Alice Canavan
Adelaide Canavan
Harriet Canavan
Amy Canavan
Eliza Canavan
Agnes Canavan
Margt. Canavan
Dinah Canavan
Bridgett Canavan
Susannah Canavan
Henrietta Canavan
Beesy Canavan
Sarah Canavan
Rose Canavan
Florence Canavan
Opal Canavan
Mariette Canavan
Elenor Canavan
Margarett Canavan
Clara Canavan
Maggie Canavan
Cathne. Canavan
Catharine Canavan
Sushannah Canavan
Selina Canavan
Beatrice Canavan
Sabina Canavan
Georgiana Canavan
Anne Canavan
Rosannah Canavan

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Flax Weaver
General Servant
Mosaic Work
Iron Miner
Iron Ore Miner
Labourer In Iron Works
Cotton Operative
Gen Lab (Out Of Employ)
Domestic Serv
Fustian Cutter
House Keeper
Lab Iron Works
Throstle Doffer Cotton
Rag Sorter (Woollen)
General Labourer
General Laborer
G Joiner
General Gardener (Not Dom)
Garden Laborer
General Domestic Servant
General Svt
Gen Servt Dom
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
Corn Weigher At Docks
Blacksmiths Striker
Brass Finisher
Brick Lyr Labour
Chelsea Pensioner
Chemical Labourer
Cinder Drawer
Clothes Dealer (Old)
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Dock Labourer
Dock Labourer (Serv)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servnt
Domestic Svt
Drawer In Worsted Factory (Unemployed)
Drawing Tenter At Paper Mill
Engine Fitter