Cannan in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cannan
James Cannan
Thomas Cannan
William Cannan
Robert Cannan
Daniel Cannan
Charles Cannan
George Cannan
Patrick Cannan
Walter Cannan
Joseph Cannan
Michael Cannan
Alfred Cannan
Frederick Cannan
Arthur Cannan
Martin Cannan
Henry Cannan
Fredrick Cannan
Francis Cannan
David Cannan
Peter Cannan
Luke Cannan
Herbert Cannan
Vincent Cannan
Edward Cannan

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cannan
Ann Cannan
Mary Cannan
Ellen Cannan
Catherine Cannan
Jane Cannan
Bridget Cannan
Sarah Cannan
Margt. Cannan
Emily Cannan
Margaret Cannan
Eleanor Cannan
Hannah Cannan
Susan Cannan
Annie Cannan
Frances Cannan
Amelia Cannan
Ellanor Cannan
Agnes Cannan
Louisa Cannan
Lillian Cannan
Dorothea Cannan
Cath. Cannan
Florence Cannan
Esther Cannan
Minnie Cannan
Alice Cannan
Elizbth. Cannan
Ada Cannan
Lucy Cannan
Eliz. Cannan
Lizzie Cannan
Dorothy Cannan
Katie Cannan
Harriett Cannan
Caroline Cannan
Betsy Cannan
Sophia Cannan
Ethel Cannan
Anna Cannan
Rosina Cannan

Top occupations

Boot Maker
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Ag Lab
Mill Hand (Steel)
Dress Maker
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant
Clerk Bankers (B S)
Bricklayers Lab
Moulder (Iron)
General Labourer Wife
House Decorator
Farmers Labourer
House Joiner
Farmers Lab
Farmer's Wife
Farmer's Son
Gen Labourer
General Hawker
General Laborer
Genl Laborer
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
General Labourer
Farmer Son
Worsted Weaver
Domestic Servt. (Kitchinmaid)
Boot Maker (Master)
Boot Salesman & Manag
As Servant At Home
Commission Agent Cotton
Cotton Operative
Farm Lab
Farm Lab & 1 Acre Of Land
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Serv in Dom
Farmer (38 Acres)
Farmer (of 62 Ac.)
Farmer 101 Acres