Cansdale in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cansdale
George Cansdale
Charles Cansdale
Arthur Cansdale
James Cansdale
Henry Cansdale
John Cansdale
Robert Cansdale
Abram Cansdale
Alfred Cansdale
Walter Cansdale
Harry Cansdale
Frederick Cansdale
Thomas Cansdale
Edward Cansdale
Jas. Cansdale
Hubert Cansdale
Henery Cansdale
Harold Cansdale
Willie Cansdale
Fredrick Cansdale
Frank Cansdale
Spelling Cansdale
Ethelbert Cansdale
Edwin Cansdale
E.E.K. Cansdale
Wm. Cansdale
Ewdin Cansdale
Samuel Cansdale
Elisha Cansdale
Joseph Cansdale

Top female forenames

Mary Cansdale
Ellen Cansdale
Emily Cansdale
Alice Cansdale
Emma Cansdale
Elizabeth Cansdale
Sarah Cansdale
Annie Cansdale
Susan Cansdale
Florence Cansdale
Louisa Cansdale
Eliza Cansdale
Lucy Cansdale
Dorcas Cansdale
Jane Cansdale
Hannah Cansdale
Kate Cansdale
Jemima Cansdale
Infant Cansdale
Bertha Cansdale
Rachel Cansdale
Harriett Cansdale
Phoebe Cansdale
Frances Cansdale
Maud Cansdale
Flora Cansdale
Marian Cansdale
Elizth. Cansdale
Lilian Cansdale
Jenney Cansdale
S.M. Cansdale
Clara Cansdale
Roda Cansdale
Henrietta Cansdale
Beatrice Cansdale
Rachael Cansdale
Myra Cansdale
Margaret Cansdale
Elizath. Cansdale
Susannah Cansdale
Deborah Cansdale
Roseannah Cansdale

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Boot Laster
Errand Boy
Wife Of Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
General Lab
Grocers Assistant
Gardener (Domestic Servt)
Fancy Stationery
Engineers Fitter
Railway Porter
Private 56th Foot
Post Boy (Inn Servt)
Photographic Printer
Page Dom Serv
Milliner Apprentice
Letter Cutter (Glazier)
Draper & Post Master
Domestic Servant Cook
Wife To Draper & Post Master
Butler Domestic
Bricklayers Laborer
Boot Maker
Boot Fitter
Boot & Shoemaker
Boot & Shoe Maker
Carrier & Boot Maker
Coachman Dom
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Corporal Wife
Corporal R M Artillery
Cook Domestic Serv
Commercial Traveller (Wines)
Commercial Traveller