Cantley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cantley
George Cantley
Hugh Cantley
Horace Cantley
Harry Cantley
Frank Cantley
Cristopher Cantley
Alexander Cantley
Robt. Cantley
Richard Cantley
Joshua Cantley
Henry Cantley
Ernest Cantley
Charles Cantley
Robert Cantley
Proby Cantley
John Cantley

Top female forenames

Mary Cantley
Hannah Cantley
Sarah Cantley
Ellen Cantley
Dinah Cantley
Ariana Cantley
Ann Cantley
Rose Cantley
Ada Cantley
Katherine Cantley
Florence Cantley
Elizabeth Cantley
Catherine Cantley
Anne Cantley
Agnes Cantley
Rebecca Cantley
Marian Cantley
Jane Cantley
Georgina Cantley

Top occupations

Commercial Traveller
A.A. Oxford
Vicar Of Thorney
Vicar Of Southwold Wife
Vicar Of Southwold
Stuff Manufacturer
Manchester & Linen Warehouse
Major Gen Retired Dist
M.R.C.S. England
House Painter
Captain 38th Regt Active List
Warehouseman Patent Medicine (Chemist)