Canton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Canton
John Canton
Charles Canton
George Canton
Thomas Canton
Walter Canton
James Canton
Frederick Canton
Henry Canton
Frank Canton
Arthur Canton
Alfred Canton
Edwin Canton
David Canton
Claude Canton
Vernon Canton
Herbert Canton
Benjamin Canton
Harry Canton
Anderson Canton
Sidney Canton
Abel Canton
Patrick Canton
Francis Canton
Oliver Canton
Elie Canton
Mark Canton
Edward Canton
Lewis Canton
Edgar Canton
Crucifia Canton
W.J. Canton
Isaac Canton
Timothy Canton
Stephen Canton
Robert Canton
Owen Canton
Ernest Canton
Michael Canton
Loftus Canton
Edmund Canton
Joseph Canton

Top female forenames

Mary Canton
Elizabeth Canton
Emma Canton
Martha Canton
Annie Canton
Susan Canton
Ann Canton
Sarah Canton
Harriet Canton
Fanny Canton
Alice Canton
Catherine Canton
Maria Canton
Florence Canton
Anne Canton
Ethel Canton
Ellen Canton
Agnes Canton
Jane Canton
Catheline Canton
George Canton
Margaret Canton
Kate Canton
Jharboth Canton
Elizth. Canton
Ada Canton
Jeannie Canton
Elen Canton
Zoe Canton
Hildie Canton
Edith Canton
Helen Canton
Clementine Canton
Ruth Canton
H. Canton
Georgianna Canton
Bridget Canton
M. Canton
Amelia Canton
Julia Canton
Jemima Canton
Eleanor Canton
Violet Canton
Hester Canton
Deciena Canton
Clara Canton
Pelissa Canton
Georgina Canton

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Agricultural Labourer
Surgeon Dentist
Mechanical Dentist
General Labourer
Coal Miner
Dental Surgeon
Wine Merchant
Farmer Son
Farmer Wife
Fireman At Sea
Gen Lab
General Servant
General Dealer
Groom & Cochman
General Labs Widow
General Serv
General Serv Dom
Generall Labourer
House & Land Agent
Farm Serv Unemployed
Cook (Domestic)
Cleryman Chaplain Wife
Cleryman Chaplain Isle Of Man
Brick And Tile Maker
Book Keeper Clk
Baker Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Apprentice Wheelwright
Cotton Weaver
Debenture & Shareholder
Farm Lab Wife
Farm Lab
Bakers Son
Dockyard Labourer Serv
Dock Labourer
Die Sinker
Dental Surgeon (Dentist)
Dental Assistant