Cantrill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Cantrill
Henry Cantrill
George Cantrill
William Cantrill
John Cantrill
Joseph Cantrill
Charles Cantrill
James Cantrill
Frederick Cantrill
Alfred Cantrill
Benjamin Cantrill
Samuel Cantrill
Ralph Cantrill
Tom Cantrill
Frank Cantrill
Ernest Cantrill
Edward Cantrill
Wm. Cantrill
Isaac Cantrill
Michael Cantrill
Godfrey Cantrill
Edwin Cantrill
Robert Cantrill
Jacob Cantrill
Harry Cantrill
Sam Cantrill
Johnson Cantrill
Roland Cantrill
Jno.Henson Cantrill
Wm.Henry Cantrill
Richard Cantrill
Davis Cantrill
Patrick Cantrill
Wilfrid Cantrill
Chas.William Cantrill
Walter Cantrill
Benjn. Cantrill
Lewis Cantrill
Arthur Cantrill
Leonard Cantrill
Sidney Cantrill
Josh. Cantrill
Saml. Cantrill
Adolphus Cantrill
Jonathon Cantrill
Francis Cantrill
S.W. Cantrill
Jesse Cantrill
Wm.Arther Cantrill
E. Cantrill

Top female forenames

Mary Cantrill
Elizabeth Cantrill
Ann Cantrill
Hannah Cantrill
Sarah Cantrill
Margaret Cantrill
Emma Cantrill
Eliza Cantrill
Jane Cantrill
Annie Cantrill
Florence Cantrill
Maria Cantrill
Matilda Cantrill
Alice Cantrill
Caroline Cantrill
Ellen Cantrill
Harriet Cantrill
Edith Cantrill
Martha Cantrill
Clara Cantrill
Emily Cantrill
Elizth. Cantrill
Catherine Cantrill
Rhoda Cantrill
Anne Cantrill
Minnie Cantrill
Ada Cantrill
Georgiana Cantrill
Frances Cantrill
Bertha Cantrill
Isabella Cantrill
Harriett Cantrill
Maud Cantrill
Agnes Cantrill
El. Cantrill
Francis Cantrill
Dinah Cantrill
M. Cantrill
Flora Cantrill
Thirza Cantrill
Linda Cantrill
Faith Cantrill
Beatrice Cantrill
Hellen Cantrill
Parlina Cantrill
Agness Cantrill
Grace Cantrill
Eleanor Cantrill
Florance Cantrill
Carrie Cantrill

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Silk Weaver
Farm Labourer
Grocers Assistant
Domestic Servt
Colliery Banksman
Domestic Servant
Retired Toy & Fancy Trade
Lead Miner
Farmers Daughter
Char Woman
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
General Labourer
Dress Maker
Elastic Web Weaver
Farmer Of (96 Acres)
Engine Driver
Farmer Employing 10 Men 3 Boys & 3 Women
Farmer 110 Acres Employing 3 Men 1 Boy
Engine Driver Factory
Engine Man Wife
Engineman Iron Mines
Domestic Servant (General)
Cloth Weaver Woollen
Cotton Doubler
Apprentice Grocer
Apprentice To Iron Moulder
Baker & Confectioner
Bricklayers Labourer
Carpenter Appren
Yeast Dealer (Brewer)
Coal Miner Wife
Colliers Wife
Colliery Labourer
Confectioners Assistant
Cork Cutter