Cantwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cantwell
Thomas Cantwell
William Cantwell
Charles Cantwell
James Cantwell
Patrick Cantwell
Richard Cantwell
Arthur Cantwell
Joseph Cantwell
Isaac Cantwell
Henry Cantwell
Michael Cantwell
Herbert Cantwell
Stephen Cantwell
Albert Cantwell
Frank Cantwell
Edward Cantwell
Peter Cantwell
Earnest Cantwell
George Cantwell
Robert Cantwell
Alfred Cantwell
Matthew Cantwell
Edwin Cantwell
Walter Cantwell
Josiah Cantwell
Thos. Cantwell
Jas Cantwell
Alonza Cantwell
Raymond Cantwell
Nicholas Cantwell
Frederick Cantwell
Wm. Cantwell
Leonard Cantwell
Tom Cantwell
Jas. Cantwell
Anthony Cantwell
Reginald Cantwell
Harold Cantwell
Oliver Cantwell
G. Cantwell
Morris Cantwell
Fred Cantwell
Willie Cantwell

Top female forenames

Mary Cantwell
Elizabeth Cantwell
Ann Cantwell
Annie Cantwell
Alice Cantwell
Margaret Cantwell
Ellen Cantwell
Martha Cantwell
Sarah Cantwell
Emily Cantwell
Lydia Cantwell
Florence Cantwell
Rebecca Cantwell
Eliza Cantwell
Emma Cantwell
Agnes Cantwell
Eleanor Cantwell
Catherine Cantwell
Frances Cantwell
Bessie Cantwell
Harriet Cantwell
Susan Cantwell
Gertrude Cantwell
Johanna Cantwell
Maud Cantwell
Grace Cantwell
Rose Cantwell
Lily Cantwell
Esther Cantwell
Rhoda Cantwell
Kate Cantwell
Phoebe Cantwell
Johannah Cantwell
Elizh. Cantwell
Nances Cantwell
Janet Cantwell
Ada Cantwell
Constance Cantwell
Maria Cantwell
Hannah Cantwell
Charlotte Cantwell
Sallie Cantwell
Catharine Cantwell
Roseann Cantwell
Bidget Cantwell
Lizzie Cantwell
Flora Cantwell
Rosa Cantwell
Augusta Cantwell
Laura Cantwell

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Daughter Of Lodging House Keeper Scholar
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Mason (Waller)
General Serv
Dry Soap Maker
Mason (Stone)
Lodging House Keeper
Cotton Reeler
Book Binder
Labourer In Foundry
Worsted Weaver
Half Timer At Dye Works (Stuff)
Galvanizer (Iron)
Gas Fitter
General Lab
Grocers Porter
General Laborer
General Labourer
Grocers Assistant
Gold & Silver Polisher
General Servant
Formerly Stationer
Brokers Assistant (Furniture)
Builder 11 Men 2 Boys Employed
Builders Daur
Carder Worsted
Cotton Reeler In Factory
Cotton Rover
Bookbinders Finisher
Dk Labourer
Dock Labourer
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt