Canty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Canty
William Canty
Thomas Canty
Patrick Canty
Michael Canty
James Canty
Alfred Canty
Timothy Canty
Charles Canty
Richard Canty
Frederick Canty
Dennis Canty
David Canty
Jeremiah Canty
Robert Canty
Henry Canty
Peter Canty
George Canty
Owen Canty
Morgan Canty
Matthew Canty
Cornelius Canty
Horace Canty
Harold Canty
Geo.Wm. Canty
Morris Canty
Montague Canty
Edward Canty
Wm. Canty
Edbert Canty
Josh. Canty
Denis Canty
Walter Canty
Daniel Canty
Colenus Canty
Anthony Canty
Albert Canty
Fredric Canty
Francis Canty
Michal Canty
Edgar Canty
Willie Canty
Willam Canty
Joseph Canty
Thom. Canty

Top female forenames

Mary Canty
Ellen Canty
Elizabeth Canty
Margaret Canty
Catherine Canty
Alice Canty
Annie Canty
Sarah Canty
Jane Canty
Hannah Canty
Julia Canty
Louisa Canty
Ann Canty
Eliza Canty
Clara Canty
Sophia Canty
Bridget Canty
Betsy Canty
Agnes Canty
Charlotte Canty
Susan Canty
Selina Canty
Katherine Canty
Emma Canty
Martha Canty
Marie Canty
Eleanor Canty
Margt. Canty
Honora Canty
Susannah Canty
Maggy Canty
Lizzy Canty
Georgiana Canty
Caroline Canty
Evelyn Canty
Rose Canty
Bride Canty
Mildred Canty
Auguste Canty
Johanna Canty
Elvia Canty
Mary.Ann. Canty
Jessie Canty
Elizbth. Canty
Janet Canty
Maria Canty
Adah Canty
Isabella Canty
Tresa Canty
Harriett Canty

Top occupations

Dock Labourer
General Labourer
Umbrella Coverer
Domestic Servant
Sack Maker
Coal Trimmer
Dom Serv
Dock Lab
Paper Mill Labourer
Ag Lab
Coal Trimmer Wife
Paper Factory Hand
General Laborer
Fact Cutter
Farm Bailiff
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Lab
Errand Boy
Drapers Porter
Farm Lab.
Farm Servant (Ind)
Driver Tramway
Engine Fitter
Working Manager Of Gas Works
Assistant Schoolmistress
Bottle Worker
Brewers Laborer
Brick Lab
Brick Lab (Maker)
Brush Maker
Carpenter & Joiner
Coal Merchant
At Home
Coffee House Keeper
Collector (Drapers)
Copper Works Labourer (Manu)
Corn Merchants Clerk