Capell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Capell
John Capell
George Capell
Thomas Capell
James Capell
Henry Capell
Harry Capell
Charles Capell
Richard Capell
Edward Capell
Joseph Capell
Arthur Capell
Frederick Capell
Samuel Capell
Robert Capell
Frank Capell
Ernest Capell
Howard Capell
Alfred Capell
Francis Capell
Albert Capell
Chas. Capell
Stephen Capell
Geo. Capell
Reginald Capell
David Capell
Alice Capell
Fredk. Capell
Wm.C. Capell
R. Capell
Fraser Capell
Willm. Capell
Owen Capell
Will. Capell
Mark Capell
W. Capell
Thos.Henry Capell
Isaac Capell
Bruce Capell
Herbert Capell
Algernon Capell
Wm. Capell
Percie Capell
Oliver Capell
Walter Capell
Tom Capell
Thos. Capell
Beng. Capell
Stuart Capell

Top female forenames

Mary Capell
Elizabeth Capell
Sarah Capell
Annie Capell
Ann Capell
Ellen Capell
Emma Capell
Emily Capell
Alice Capell
Louisa Capell
Jane Capell
Clara Capell
Anne Capell
Charlotte Capell
Martha Capell
Harriett Capell
Eliza Capell
Hilda Capell
Catherine Capell
Bertha Capell
Julia Capell
Victoria Capell
Elizath. Capell
Maria Capell
R. Capell
Ada Capell
Hannah Capell
Margaret Capell
Amy Capell
Rose Capell
Edith Capell
Lucy Capell
Adeline Capell
Priscilla Capell
Dora Capell
Grace Capell
Nora Capell
Lizzie Capell
Francis Capell
Milicent Capell
Katie Capell
Fanny Capell
May Capell
Augusta Capell
Jessie Capell
Marion Capell
Susannah Capell
Isabella Capell
Lydia Capell
Helen Capell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
No Occupation
Farm Lab
Agr Lab
School Mistress
Labourers Wife
Domestic Serv
General Servant
Basket Maker
Railway Porter
Railway Clerk
Agricultural Laborer
Mantle Maker (Milliner)
Domestic Servt
Drapers Assistant
Farmer 95 Acres Employin 2 Men 2 Boys
Engine Boy Paper Mill (Driver)
Farmer 4 1/2 Acres
Engineer And Machinist
Farm Bailiff
Farmer 132 Acres Employ 3 Lab 2 Boys
Farmer 28 Acres
Boot Clicker
Agl Lab
Wood Foreman
Architect Apprentice
Assistant Draper
Assistant Upholsterer
Auctioneer And Valuer
B A Oxon Solicitors Articled Clerk
Boot Finisher Pork Butcher
Brickyard Laborer
Builder Apprentice
Cab Driver
Cement Works Labourer
Chair Maker
Chairman (Hand)